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Is Dry Fish Hazardous For Health

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“Is Dry fish hazardous for health?”  Yes. I do have my own reasons to say that dry fish is hazardous for health and I still I love to indulge with them once a while.


Some years ago I happened to read an article published by a study group who were accessing the impact of dry fish on our health. The study concluded with the results that dry fish is a rich source of protein, and encompasses around 80-85% more proteins than eggs, vegetables and other meat variations. The study also published some general views given by the American Scientists. The scientists were of the opinion that fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which minimizes the risk of stroke and promote health.


I do agree with the above given facts and have confirmed it by referring to many authentic medical journals too. But, I feel the real culprits are the preservatives used to dry the fish. These preservatives are highly toxic and can remain in the body for a long time. The clinical studies conducted on a particular class of preservatives showed that it contained substances of formalin dehyde, which is commonly used to preserve the dead bodies! Some scientists say that formalin dehyde can be highly toxic if consumed raw, so they should be diluted when using for preserving purposes.


Salt is another preservative used for drying and storing fish. Although salt is good for health if consumed in smaller amounts, but at times it may even affect health adversely. These salts are rich sources of sodium. The salts are not only used for preservation purposes, but also for enhancing the flavor and taste of the fish. The regular consumption of high salt may result in fluid retention in the kidneys. After kidneys, this fluid retention can also build up around the heart, thus, hampering the functioning of heart and making your body susceptible to a host of ailments like blood pressure, diabetes and congestive heart failures.  


If you find it hard to resist the flavor of dry fishes, soak it in cold water for a long time before cooking it. This will reduce the salt content and also, wash away the preservatives that have remained on the skin. 



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Is Dry Fish Hazardous For Health