Top 10 Uses Of Onions As Natural Remedies

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You already know about the culinary wonders of onion. Now, discover the top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies. In this blog, I have enlisted the top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies, so that, you can use this antioxidant rich vegetable as a quick fix homemade recipe for your various health woes. So, come let’s find out what are these top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies …


Using onions for common ailments


#1. Acne – If you are suffering from those itchy zits on your face, onion can come as the restorer of your beauty. Simply, grate an onion and strain out its juice. Now, mix the onion juice with some honey and mud. Warm the mixture and gently apply on the pus filled pimples. Next, cover the pimples with gauze. Keep the pimples covered for an hour or two and then, wash off. 


#2. Digestive problems – The remedy I am going to talk about is very helpful in treating problems concerning the liver, urinary tract, kidneys and stomach. Simply, boil some onions or grate them to extract their juice. Then, add some sugar and lemon juice to the onion juice. Store it in a bottle and treat yourself spoonfuls of this potion every night and day. 


#3. Rheumatism – Rheumatism is one of the commonest problems and since onion is very effective in treating it, I have selected this as one of the top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies. If you have rheumatic problems, crush a few of these bulbous vegetables and warm them in oil. Now, apply the warm onion over the affected area and cover the portion with gauze. 


#4. Bronchitis and asthma – Chop an onion and mix it with 20 cloves of garlic. Once done with that, store the mixture in a glass container with a cup of honey for 12 hours. Treat yourself with 4 spoonfuls of this mixture each day. If you are bothered by bronchitis, mix onion juice with mud and apply it warm over your body. Next, wash it after few hours.


#5. Flu, cough and laryngitis – Boil the onions or grate them to extract their juice. Now, mix the onion juice with lemon juice and take spoonfuls of this potion several times during the day and night for three days. Alternately, you can also treat yourself to 3 spoonfuls of macerated onion and sugar mixture for one whole day. Also, you can mix 2 garlic teeth with 200 gm of onion and eat the mixture raw or cooked 2 to 4 times daily.


#6. Dandruff and hair loss – Onion is very effective in treating hair loss and dandruff and so, it had to feature in my list of top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies. Mix the juice of onion, lemon and nettle and massage it on your scalp, leaving it on for an hour before washing it off. You can practice the treatment for 10 days for best results.


#7. Laxative – Drink spoonfuls of the juice of onions mixed with lemon everyday in the morning and night for easing bowel movements.


#8. Cancer – Having a half an onion a day can keep digestive tract cancer away!


#9. Diuretic problems and ulcer – Drink spoonfuls of onion juice mixed with sugar and lemon every night and day.


#10. Blood circulation – I will end my list of top 10 uses of onions as natural remedies by stating its influence on healthy blood circulation. To prevent cardiac and circulatory problems and lower blood pressure, eat an onion every day.


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