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Top Five Cancer-Causing Foods

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hotdogCancer can easily be termed as the plague inflicting the mankind today, a disease which has no specific cause and cure for which is not always available. Of the various proven causes of cancer, dietary causes are the easiest to prevent the uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. It is with this thought that we bring you the top five cancer-causing foods. These are:


1. Hot dogs

Since hot dogs are high in nitrate content, they increase the risk of cancer. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC) advises that one should not eat more than 12 hot dogs in a month. In case you really like hot dogs a lot and you cannot do without them, you must go for the ones that are less on salt. The best way to do so is to eat homemade hot dogs.


2. Processed meats and bacon

Bacon and processed meats are also high in sodium nitrate, therefore, normally not recommended as they can increase your chances of contracting cancer.


3. Doughnuts

We know you must be worrying by now because all your favorite foods are in this category. But believe us, it is for your own good. Doughnuts are yet another food item that can cause cancer. Doughnuts are usually prepared using sugar, flour, and hydrogenated oils and are later fried at a high temperature. This makes them, probably, the worst of all foods that increase the risk of cancer and even experts vouch for this fact.


4. French fries

Just like doughnuts, French fries are also prepared using hydrogenated oils and are fried at a high temperature. Due to being fried like that, the French fries contain the cancer-causing acryl amides, which raise the risk of cancer.


5. Chips, crackers, and cookies

Chips, cookies and crackers are all prepared using white flour and sugar, which makes them potential cancer-causing agents. Also the ones that claim to be trans-fats free are usually found to contain small amounts of trans-fats.


Please note that we are not asking you to leave eating your favorite snacks, appetizers or fast food. We are only advising you to restrict your intake of all these food items because the scientists have declared them as potential causes of cancer in our body.  


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Top Five Cancer-Causing Foods