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How To Use Onion Juice To Treat High Cholesterol?

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Suffering from high cholesterol and wishing if there could be a natural way of reducing it? Why not learn how to use onion juice to treat high cholesterol naturally? From treating cough and cold to reducing cholesterol, the health benefits of onions are numerous. To add to that, there are numerous ways in which you can consume onions – raw, cooked, as part of salsas and dips and as juices. The last option of consuming onion (as juices), especially works wonders in reducing cholesterol – a fact that is not so popularly known to all of us. Therefore, learn how to use onion juice to treat high cholesterol and fight cholesterol naturally.


The strong, pungent odor that onions normally have makes it a little difficult for us to consume it raw. But, there are other ways of introducing onion juices to your daily diet and using onion juice for high cholesterol. Some of the tips and techniques that can be easily followed are listed here:

•    Squeezing Raw Onion:

Simply cut the onions and squeeze the juice with clean towel. This probably is the most direct and easiest way of making onion juice.

•    Vegetable Juice:  

However, you may find the raw onion juice to be too strong. Therefore, as an alternative, you can make a vegetable juice out of it. Simply take a juicer, add the onion first and then add other vegetables. Mix well to form a nice, thick vegetable juice. Adding the onions first would reduce the smell of the onions in the juicer as well.

•    Boiled or Steamed Onions:

If even the vegetable juice does not appeal to you much, you can always opt to boil and steam the onions. Boiled or steamed onions are an easy way of consuming onion juices, as they would have the weakest odor in them, thereby making it much more acceptable. Therefore, boil a few onions and then squeeze the juice of them for your daily consumption.

•    Onion Shot:

Another interesting way of using onion juice for high cholesterol is to make a unique onion shot for your daily consumption at night. Simply take a teaspoon of onion juice and mix it with milk or honey. Take it every night before going off to bed. This will not only reduce your cholesterol but also give you a good night’s sleep.

•    Dips and Salsas:

Onion juices can also be added to your dips and salsas. This not only adds an extra punch of flavor to your dips but also helps you fight cholesterol in a subtle way.

•    Cooked Dishes:

Instead of using chopped onions, you can also add onion juices to those special dishes that you cook. This not only lets you reap the healthy benefits of onion juice, but also reduces your cooking time (as you do not need to wait for the onions to turn brown), without compromising on the flavor.

Thus, there are different ways in which you can introduce onion juices to your daily diet. Just ensure that you choose the right kinds of onions – the ones that are spot free and have a papery outer layer - while juicing them out. Apply these different ideas of using onion juice for high cholesterol and introduce yourself to the world of natural goodness and health.

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How To Use Onion Juice To Treat High Cholesterol?