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Top 5 Benefits Of Clove Tea

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5 benefits of clove tea - have it warm or coldCloves have several beneficial properties which makes them one of the most popular medicinal herbs. Clove tea  is also quite beneficial – here are top 5 benefits of clove tea which when consumed is said to have several healing as well as analgesic properties. Clove tea can be used when it is warm and also when it cools down – in any way, it is going to be beneficial.

So – here are some benefits of clove tea which you might love to know.

1. Soothing abdominal pain – Clove tea is known to soothe abdominal pain with its excellent analgesic qualities which work excellently for people who suffer from gas related pains and stomach problems. Clove tea helps to stimulate blood flow, increases saliva production and also other gastric secretions which help in digestion. It also helps in killing bacteria infections in the abdomen which leads to stomach pain.

2. Sanitization – This is a unique benefit of cold clove tea  – it helps in hand sanitization. You just need to pour this liquid on your hands and it shall clean your skin. It will also leave a soft smell. Those who suffer from acne can use clove tea as a face wash which works as a sanitizer and cleanses the skin which helps to prevent further breakouts.

3. Compress - Clove tea compresses are said to help in relieving people from joint, muscle and Clove tea with an orange flavorligament injury. If there are injuries suffered by any person and ice cold tea is compressed it acts as a huge relief. Warm clove tea works well with arthritic pain. It is applied and then compressed for about 25 minutes at least 3 to 4 times in a day. Compressed clove tea is also said to be very beneficial for fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm. However, to enjoy the maximum benefit from clove tea, you need to test its temperature before application.

4. Douche – Clove tea is very beneficial for women who suffer from conditions of vaginal yeast infections. Clove tea is diluted with mineral water and can be douched for 5 days at least to get the most benefits. Those who suffer from bowl infections can also benefit from this tea.

5. Hair color refresher - If you wish your hair to look fresh after hair coloring and shampoo, you can apply clove tea . Remember that the clove tea needs to get cold before it is applied on hair. You will just need one tea rinse after shampoo and you will find that your hair is looking fresh and full of life. Moreover, the clove scent is also a welcome change and acts as an added bonus for the hair. It is a way to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Clove Tea