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How To Cure Toothache With Clove Oil

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If you want the immediate home remedy to treat toothache, then you should have information on how to cure toothache with clove oil. Toothache is a common problem faced by not only for your kids, but also for the adults of your household. So, if you can store a small bottle of clove oil at your home, it will surely come handy at this moment of excruciating pain. Curing toothache with clove oil has no side effects, as it is the most natural treatment. Clove oil does not have any chemical ingredient inside it, so even if it is swallowed by your kid, nothing harmful is going to occur. In fact, dentists also sometimes use this natural treatment with zinc oxide to prepare a temporary filling for the dental cavity. The severe toothache can be reduced with clove oil

Clove oil is available in most of the local pharmacy places. Sometimes the bottle is labeled with the name eugenol, which is the formal name of clove oil. Normally the bottles have a small size, as you will not require much to treat the toothache. One most important thing about storing of clove oil; is that always keep the cap tightly closed. Otherwise, it might lose the healing power. You may follow these instructions for curing toothache with clove oil.

Step 1
Use a clean and fresh cotton swab to dip in the clove oil. Remove any dripping of clove oil at the neck of the bottle.

Step 2
Now directly apply this soaked cotton swab over the affected gum and tooth area. Allow the oil to sip inside the root of the tooth, so that it can work on the nerves to numb out the area and thus curing the pain.

Step 3
If you think that you need to apply the clove oil for the second time; then take a fresh swab to dip into the oil, instead of the used one. But don’t apply too much, as it might numb a major area inside your mouth.

Step 4
The clove oil will work for few hours to cure your toothache, after which you will again start to feel the pain. This is because, clove oil works as a pain-remover and not as a solution to your dental problem. So, you have to reapply this, when your pain reappears.

Step 5
As this is not a permanent solution, so you should not depend on this for curing your toothache. Instead, you should make use of the pain-free period to visit your dentist and find some useful medical treatment.

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How To Cure Toothache With Clove Oil