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How to Identify Tomato Allergy Symptoms

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Tomato Allergy is quiet common and there are a large number of people who are allergic and still don't know how to identify tomato allergy symptoms! You will never know when an awareness of these symptoms can help you. It is also important to diagnose and treat the allergic reactions accurately.Here is some interesting information on tomato allergy symptoms.
Allergic reactions to tomato can range from mild to serious. 

Defining Tomato Allergy
Tomato allergies are classified under contact allergies or Type 1 Allergies. They are basically allergies that come as a reaction to contact with food, mold, animal dander, pollen or dust. Symptoms for Tomato Allergy can also be induced by contact with tomato seeds, tomato paste, tomato leaves, tomato stems and even tomato ketchup or tomato juice.  One can also be allergic to other vegetables under the night shade group like green peppers and potatoes. The reactions can vary from a swollen lip to a life threatening reaction like an anaphylactic shock.
Identifying Tomato Allergy Symptoms
The allergic reaction starts with the release of histamine from the area which came in contact with the tomato like skin, tongue and lips.
Non-Threatening Allergic Symptoms
Skin irritation hives, eczema and a simple rash can also be end results of an allergic reaction. Gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach aches, constipation and nausea can also be present. Other symptoms include insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, heartburn, , symptoms that mimic arthritis, canker sores, nocturnal incontinence or bed wetting, swelling of face and lips, rhintis, migraines and wheezing.
Threatening Allergic Symptoms
A serious allergic reaction to tomatoes usually follows an episode of ingesting tomatoes. Tingling in the lips and mouth, rashes, restriction in your breathing and a possible anaphylactic shock are all reactions that require you to call the doctor or approach one immediately.
Detecting if you are allergic to tomato
Keep a food diary and track your allergic reactions and note if they occur after you have tomatoes or any vegetable belonging to the night shade family. Tomato allergy symptoms arise immediately after the allergen i.e the tomato is eaten.
If you suspect an allergy to tomatoes then you can get your doctor to conduct a CAP RAST blood test to determine the existence of a specific allergy. In an allergen test certain food proteins are injected into your back. Any reactions will appear on the skin immediately and can be observed and the particular food allergen isolated.
Counteracting Tomato Allergy Symptoms
“Prevention is better than cure”Stay away from them and use substitutes for tomato in your daily food. If you sense an allergic reaction rising from some food you have eaten stop ingesting it immediately. Increased amount of the allergen in your body will obviously worsen your symptoms. Finally, call the doctor as soon as the symptoms set in.
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How To Identify Tomato Allergy Symptoms