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Learn Activities to Teach the Grain Food Group to Your Children

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Learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children so that they become smart and healthy eaters. Through this blog, you will learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children in an easier and a more interesting way, so that the little minds can learn quickly the importance of healthy eating.                                                                                        

Activities for teaching grain group to children

Introduce the children to the first grain group activity by listing and categorizing foods made of grain. In the list include foods like rice, bread, cereal and pasta. Invite the kids to bring food labels and samples of the enlisted foods like some rice grains, a piece of bread etc. You can allow the students to share and compare their food findings with the others in their groups.


Let the children identify the whole grains

For the next activity, expose the kids to a picture of a whole grain kernel. The diagram should include three parts – the outer shell or the bran, the germ and the endosperm. Also, hand out a "Kernel of Wheat" flyer to every group or child to list the nutritional value of each part of the kernel by referring to the description in the flyer. Now, play an interesting quiz by asking each group of kids or each kid to predict which whole grains have all the three parts. Later, expose them to the right answers.                                                                                                                    


Let the children identify the refined grains

During the grain refining process, the germ and the bran of the grain is separated to make white rice, white bread and white flour. Explain the students how removing the bran and germ can affect the nutritive value of the grains. Hand out lists of foods to the kids and ask them to identify the whole grains, refined grains and non-grain foods from the list.


Let the children compare the food grains

Teach the children how to read food labels and let them evaluate which food grain has how much nutrition. Ask them to compare each food grain and let them find out which is the most and the least nutritive grain. Conclude the session with a fun whole-grain food party by including a happy and healthy meal comprising whole grain bagels, brown bread sandwiches, popcorns and so on.

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Learn Activities To Teach The Grain Food Group To Your Children