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Create A Salad Bar At Home - Say Hello To Good Health

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When you are planning to say hello to good health, then you might think of creating a salad bar at home. To create a salad bar at home, you don’t need doing much. Rather it will save your time A fresh salad bar at homefrom preparing the daily lunch. Simply prepare a healthy and hearty salad with your favorite ingredients and feel completely full and fit. It is not always an expensive proposition to create the salad bar. You can make it simple by stocking the essential ingredients in your refrigerator for the week ahead.

There could be hundreds of ways, by which you can incorporate a variety of ingredients to prepare a new type of salad for every day. Not only greens, but also you can think of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, fish and almost anything to put into your salad. Simultaneously, you can use different types of dressings, homemade or readymade; to make the salad more savory. The only thing you need to keep in mind, that you should store the items in proper way, so that you get the freshest taste even at the end of the week. Here you will find information on some of the ingredients which you can alternatively use in various permutations and combinations for preparing the unique salads.

Greens are most important part of salad. But don’t restrict yourself using only lettuce; there are so many varieties of salad greens such as iceberg, romaine, cabbage, spinach etc, which are easily available in your local grocery store. You can mix all different types or use any single of them to make the salad bar. In whatever way you mix, you will get a new taste for every day. Use airtight zip-lock bag to keep these greens fresh and crunchy.

To talk about vegetables there are so many alternatives to select from other than the usual carrot, cucumber, tomato and onion options. Vegetables like beans, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, mushroom, asparagus etc and even potatoes go perfectly well for a vegetable mix bar. The simplest way to use these vegetables on your salad is by steaming on a steamer, in case you don’t prefer to eat raw. If you have time to spend for the salad, then try with grilling or roasting or marinating to get the special taste and flavor.

If you want to add proteins to your salad, then also you have several options. Starting with hard boiled eggs to shredded roasted or grilled chicken to sliced sausages to bits of bacons to sliced smoked salmons to minced tuna the options are many. Depending on your choice and taste, make a stock of all the meats and fish items to use them in the salad throughout the coming week. You can also use leftover dinner items related to meat or fish, to add with your salad and enjoy a completely new taste.

Instead of the green or vegetable salad, you can prepare a heavy fruit salad for a change. Other than the normal fruit salad, there are certain fruits which go best with meats, such as pineapple and ham or apple and pork etc. On the other side, you can also use dried fruits in your green salad to get a fruity taste and flavor and this could be anything among raisins, dried pineapple, dried cranberries or something else.

Whatever way you prepare your salad bar, a proper dressing is most vital for your salad. For this, you may buy different types of readymade salad dressings from the super market. But you can be innovative by using homemade dressings like plain yogurt, lemon juice, butter milk, fresh herbs etc. For your fruity salad you can use honey, maple syrup, orange juice and so many other things.

These were usually the main ingredients for your salad options. But to make your salad most unique and innovative, don’t forget to add things like croutons, nuts, seeds or cheese.

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Create A Salad Bar At Home - Say Hello To Good Health