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How To Make Healthy Food for Chemo Patients

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Fudgeberry Popsicles

During the cancer treatment, the body is under attack – from both the cancer and the treatment. At this time, to stay strong, the patient needs to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.



Maintaining Strength and Stamina

The two common problems faced by the chemotherapy patients are low hematocrit scores and inadequate protein intake. "The radiation, the surgery, the chemo, and the cancer itself can all increase the body's need for protein," says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Proteins help these patients in healing faster. To heal faster, patients should take foods that are rich in protein like meats, fish and poultry. Eggs, dairy products, beans, soy and nuts all are good sources of protein. Patients should try using protein powders – like whey or soy – or powdered milk to their diet. If patients find it difficult to chew the food, then, they can rely on soft foods like smoothies, juices and mashed vegetables.


Fighting nausea

Most of the cancer patients undergoing chemo treatments experience nauseating sensations during the treatment. Almost 70%-80% of the people experience one or the other form of nauseating sensation during such treatments. Traditionally ginger flavored foods are recommended to the patients during that time. Other than that, many starchy foods like pretzels, crackers, dry cereal, potatoes and white rice are also found to have profound effect in curbing the vomiting tendencies. Although, these food items are generally recommended it is not necessary that they will work for all the patients uniquely.


Cancer patients tend to lose their sense of  taste due to chemo treatment. They can regain their lost taste and at the same time, benefit from the food by trying the following easy recipes. These recipes contain all proteins, vitamins and calcium necessary for strengthening their bodies.


Pomegrante popsicles


Blend silken tofu, milk (or soymilk), frozen blueberries, ripe bananas, cocoa powder (or cacao powder), pure vanilla extract, and sugar syrup or honey or agave nectarin the blender except the blueberries. Continue mixing the ingredients until they are smooth. Then, add blue berries and pour the mixture into Popsicle moulds and freeze the mixture until firm. Use chocolate flavored soymilk in addition to the cocoa flavor, if you want to emphasize on the chocolate flavor.



Any type of fruit can be used in this preparation. Place package silken tofu, orange juice (or any 100% juice blend), diced fruit, ripe banana in the blender and blend until the mix into a smooth consistency. Strain the seeds before putting the mixture in the Popsicle moulds.



To dissolve gelatin, cook apple juice, sugar and unflavored gelatin (or agar) in the pan over medium heat. Allow them to cool at room temperature, blend them with pomegranate juice, then pour the mixture into Popsicle molds. Freeze until firm.


Eating healthy and nutritious food during the treatment and afterwards, it will help you to bypass all discomfort with ease.


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How To Make Healthy Food For Chemo Patients