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10 Healthy Recipes For Kids - Healthy Recipe Ideas For A Fast Food Free Diet

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Are you worried about your children's diet? Searching for healthy recipe ideas that might make your finicky eaters enjoy their meal? Then look no further, for here I have 10 healthy recipes for kids that they are guaranteed to love!

It is very easy to give in to the demands of our children and stuff the kitchen cabinet with potato chips, chocolates, and other junk food…however, in the long run; these habits can lead to unhealthy eating habits for your children. Here is a list of healthy yet fun recipe ideas that are quick and easy to make. You can also involve your children in the cooking process for even more family fun.

Apple cartwheels - a healthy snack ideaa

1. Sliced Apple Cartwheels: Kids love foods with visual appeal. To make apple cartwheels mix peanut butter, honey, instant oats, chocolate chips, and raisins in a bowl. Core the apples and fill the now empty center with this mixture. After refridgerating them for an hour, you can cut the apples into thick  rings.

Fruitsicle - A healthy alternative to Popsicles



2. Fruitsicle: Kids love popsicles, but they are filled with sugar and synthetic additives, so make this healthy summer delight for your kids instead. Puree your children's favorite fruit, mix it with a little sugar, water and lemon juice, pour into Popsicle molds, and freeze.

Winne the Poo Sandwich - kids will love it`


3. Funny Sandwich: Give your child a plain old sandwich and chances are that they will refuse it; but cut the same sandwich into a funny shape – fish, teddy bear, boat, etc. and your child will devour it in seconds.



Fruit Kebab Sticks served with flavored Yogurt

4. Healthy Kabob Sticks: Finger foods are the best snacking options for kids, as they are fun to eat and not overwhelming in quantity. You can use small skewers or long toothpicks to skewer cut fruits, vegetables, cheese, fritters, finger patties, or anything else that your child may like to eat. Refer to this link for some good kabob ideas. 

Wraps or roll ups are quick to make and very healthy`

5. Egg Wrap: This power packed breakfast recipe can be prepared within minutes in the microwave. First scramble eggs with milk, cheese, pepper, and ham. Then place this mixture into a flour tortilla, roll it up, and serve along with ketchup.

Corn Cheese and Bacon Muffins - perfect snack for kids`

6. Corn Cheese and Bacon Muffins: This is the best kid friendly recipe that I have ever tried – it's bite sized, colorful, and tasty. To prepare these muffins, cook chopped bacon rashers with onions, spices, and herbs of your choice. In a separate bowl mix flour and butter (2:1 ratio) along with a spoonful of sugar, bacon mixture, corn kernels, lightly beaten eggs, grated cheese to prepare the muffin batter. Pour the batter into a muffin tray and bake for 20 mins. Then cool and serve.

Pear and Cheese Sandwich - the best way to make your kid eat fruits


7. Pear and Cheese Sandwich: This is probably the best way to make your child eat fruits. Mix soft cheese and sour cream in a bowl. Spread this mixture on one side of a bread slice, top it with sliced pear, and bake it for 10 mins. Top the sandwich with a toasted slice of bread and serve immediately. 

Homemade chicken nuggets - fulfill your kids desire for fast food


8. Homemade Chicken Nuggets: Making chicken nuggets at home is probably the healthiest way to quench your kid’s hunger for fast food. Slice and cube chicken breast into bite size pieces. Marinate the chicken in buttermilk, dredge with bread crumbs and spices of your choice and bake at 425oF for 15 mins. For more homemade chicken nugget recipes, refer to this link

Funny face salads are the best way to get your kids to eat veggies


9. Funny Face Salads: Animated salads are the best way to make your children eat vegetables. You can make an interesting funny face salad by using tomato slices for the face, carrot sticks for the mouth, corn kernels for teeth, and olives for eyes. Use your imagination to turn bland and boring vegetables into interesting snack adventures.


Tomato tarts are not only healthy but tasty too

10. Tomato Tart: Tarts taste great and tomatoes are healthy and when these are combined your kids are bound to finish off their plates. To make tomato tarts, line a jelly pan with parchment paper and place defrosted puff pastry inside. Then top the pastry with tomato slices, cheese, salt, pepper, and herbs of your choice, and bake at 375oF for 30 mins. Serve hot for lunch or dinner.


These are just some of the ways in which you can spice up your children’s everyday meals and ensure that they get their essential nutrients and don’t fall prey to fast food gimmicks.


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10 Healthy Recipes For Kids - Healthy Recipe Ideas For A Fast Food Free Diet