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Look What You Eat!!! Your Child Might Be Looking Too

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Look What You Eat!!! Your Child Might Be Looking Too. Yes! This has been proved in a recent study Kids learn to develop eating habits from parentsconducted for the ‘Little Steps’ campaign. ‘Little Steps’ is a very popular HSE and safefood campaign which encourages parents to bring in a change in their life style and eating habits so that children too develop such habits. It has been proved in this campaign that adult eating habits have an influence on the eating habits of children.

Parents, who are fond of fatty foods such as cakes, crisps, cheese delicacies, fried chops and sweet goodies and often buy these in large numbers, are indirectly responsible for obesity in their children. If such foods are stored in huge quantities at home it is possible that kids gorge on them often when parents are away – as a result, in stead of having nutritious food they are eating fat rich goodies...just by following their parents.

If parents bring changes in their diet by including healthy salads and juices it is going to be an example for kids. Parents are truly the role models for kids and they develop their eating habits from their parents - how they eat, when they eat and what they eat more. If parents spend hours eating junk food and spending time watching television with no physical activities, their kids are going to do the same.

Kids learn from what they see- keep junk food awayDr. Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, who is the Director, Human Health and Nutrition, safefood can be quoted on this issue “It is a cause for optimism that so many people are reporting reducing the number of fatty and sugary treat foods in their shopping trolley. Small changes like this can have a significant impact on a family’s health. We all lead busy lives so making time to eat healthily is a challenge, but some planning of meals and shopping can make healthy eating part of the daily routine. The research also revealed that while cost is a barrier to healthy eating, for some people, there was a recognition that by shopping around and being organised it is possible to eat healthily on a tight budget.”

Parents who have a busy lifestyle often gorge on snacks and drinks – they skip meals in their hurry to complete their tasks. If you are snacking and munching at home, you can have fresh fruits or fresh juices so that your kids too develop a habit of eating these foods. Have food on time – especially when you are busy. Sit at a predetermined time for your meals and do not rush while eating. Children follow the footsteps of their parents and believe that whatever their parents do is right….hence, it is important to eat healthy and develop healthy eating habits at home, so that your kids are able to learn from you.

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Look What You Eat!!! Your Child Might Be Looking Too