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Top 10 Fruits You Should Buy Organic – Enjoy The Fruit Which Is Not Forbidden

Why the demand for organic products or even a write-up on “top 10 fruits you should buy organic”? 
To cater to the demands of an ever-growing populace, food production has embraced technology and new-found chemicals to reap better harvest and meet up to the demands. Pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are used in large quantities to curtail the growth of weeds and curb pestilence, and thus enhance productivity.
top 10 fruits you should buy organic to keep health hazards at bay
The side-effects of the usage of these chemicals have been researched to spread diseases, due to the presence of potent chemicals, which get into our system and cause slow poisoning. The alternative, which has emerged in such crisis is the organic method of farming, without the use of any chemicals, making it safe to eat fruits and vegetables with their skins or even raw as such.
Organic fruits are rich in all the vital nutrients, which otherwise get depleted in the process of cleaning, polishing and other conventional techniques.
Organic fruits are safe as well for consumption, and considering the potent dosage of chemicals used to  boost productivity of fruits and vegetables, here is a list of top 10 fruits you should buy organic.
1.    Peaches : The fruit, which is so much synonymous with ‘peach ‘n’ roses’ complexion , contains a heavy residue of iprodione, which can prove to be carcinogenic, as laid down by the  EPA(environmental production agency).
Methyl parathion and organophosphate (insecticide) are other chemicals present in exceeding levels in peaches . Methylparathion is found to wreak havoc on the hormone activities of the human body.
2.    Apples : Beware of  fresh apples, which claim to keep the doctor away! A high content of  the organophosphate called  chlopyrifos is present in fresh apples and also in baby foods such as apple sauce. One reason why apples come in the list of top 10 fruits you should buy organic.
3.    Pears : Fresh pears, and those used in baby foods are doused with methyl parathion, which has proved to be a killer of fresh-water animals(fish, amphibians and reptiles).
4.    Winter squash : Winter squash has a high amount of the insecticide Dieldrin- a chlorinated compound found to be carcinogenic. Carcinogenic Heptachlor, a constituent substance found in insecticides used on winter squash, has been detected both in baby food and the fresh variety. One of the by- products of DDT called DDE has also been detected in baby food squash.
top 10 fruits you should buy organic - and enjoy 'peach 'n' roses' health
5.    Grapes : Grapes produced in the USA contain methyl parathion and a carbamate called methomyl, which has been detected to interfere with the endocrine functioning of our body system and it is no surprise that grapes is one of the top 10 fruits which you should buy organic.
6.    Strawberries : Are you carried away by the cherubic rosy color of your strawberries? Beware, of the truth which lies beneath that pleasing appearance. To give that color effect to strawberries, a fungicide called captan is used. Captan is tracked to be a carcinogen, which can cause irritation to the eyes and the skin. Methyl bromide which is applied to the soil for growing strawberries has also been found to deplete the ozone layer.
7.    Raspberries : Captan, iprodione and carbaryl(which disrupts hormone production) the “troublesome trio” found in raspberries. Is there more reason why you should buy organic variety of fruits, especially raspberries ?
8.    Blueberries : Blueberries associated with blooming health is a popular fruit which sees a spurt in their demand and to boost the production and supply of blueberries, the fruits are treated with a wide range of chemicals. The USDA has revealed the presence of some 52 different chemicals in the fruit .
9.    Nectarines : A fruit belonging to the family of peaches, with an extremely thin skin, which allows the chemicals to permeate to the pulp as well. Washing or even deep cleansing doesn’t wash out the chemicals (around 33 of them to boost productivity) present in the fruit.
10.    Citrus fruits (if the zest is going to be used for consumption) : Most of the citrus fruits such as lemons and orange have a thick skin, but if the zest of the fruit is going to be used for added piquancy, then it is better to go for  organic variety of the citrus fruit.

The Organic way of eating and living is sure the best way to reap maximum health benefits, because you savor the fruits of nature in its purest form, and the ones which come in the list of ‘ top 10 fruits you should buy organic’  are best and safest for a healthy and happy living.

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Top 10 Fruits You Should Buy Organic – Enjoy The Fruit Which Is Not Forbidden