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Natural Remedies To Uplift Your Mood – Spring Up To Nature

natural remedies to uplift your mood, in a yogasanaThere is this feeling of low, where even the sunshine and the spectrum of nature’s colors don’t seem to make you rejoice. And, you have noticed that this is not occasional, but recurrent. A moment of euphoria but feeling back to the dumps, yet again? Buck up! Here are a few natural remedies to uplift your mood.

Let us first analyze as to what causes low mood.

There is always the escapist theory that the situation didn’t work in your favor, and that’s why the pertinent brooding, or the perpetual gloomy outlook. But remember, its all in our mind to learn to take things in your stride and your emotional make-up also determines the level of endurance or resilience you show towards your environment.

Lets see as to we can boost the feel-god factor at the chemical level(the brain’s feel-good chemicals). Low-moods can be triggered due to a drop in the brain’s serotonin level.

The level of serotonin manufacturing is determined by your dietary inputs, and well hormones at play can also affect the  levels of the feel-good chemical.  The feel-good factors also release Endorphins, which helps to keep your mind in a happy state

Essentially, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome ), lack of exercise, erratic sleep-patterns,  improper diet(thriving on junk-foods), or bipolar disorder, can cause low mood

But as we all know there is always a way through all problems, and so it is in the case of low-moods.

A few natural remedies to uplift your mood are :

•    Food and diet  : Tryptophan is a naturally occurring chemical which is important to synthesize serotonin. The correct dosage of tryptophan can increase the levels of serotonin. Tryptophan-rich foods include banana, apples, flax and flax seed oil  and a few others in the category. Folate-rich foods such as spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables can work as brain-activators and are thus a good way towards uplifting your mood.Vegetables and fruits and cereals enriched with selenium (yoghurt, curds, sea-food, whole-grain foods, rice tofu, lean-meats etc) are key brain activators.

•    Fish : Enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, which can help in keeping you in a happy mood, fish come with a ‘sea of benefits’. Broccoli, red-kidney beans and cauliflower are also enriched with these poly-unsaturated fats.

•    Dark chocolates:  Dark cholocates which might ward you off , for its presumed sinful indulgence, is actually a brisk, brain-toner to uplift your low moods.
natural remedies to uplift your mood, through herbs•    Herbal treatment : Herbs are considered the best natural remedies to uplift your mood.  The very popular use of the herb Passiflora , which is known to reduce anxiety and also soothe the nervous system. St john’s wort, Nature’s prozac( a popular medicine-ingredient for depression and mood-disorders) is another effective herb, which works towards bringing out the feel-good factor.

•    Exercise:  Aerobics, or any good physical activity such as jogging or sports can release the stress from your body and help the brain reach a level of stability. The pent-up emotions let out this way, can unclog the channels to and from the brain

•    Color tones :  : Which color is your mood? Sounds vaguely familiar? Yes colours can uplift your mood, the natural way. Different shades of each color can induce positive or negative energy to your system. So a play with your palette and the colors of the rainbow, in your very own bedroom or living room can actually work towards enlivening your whole-being and uplifting your mood as well.

•    Adequate sleep : Sleep is essential for your brain cells to recuperate and refresh and function normally. A good night sleep will simply sleep over all your worries.

•    Water : About 70% of the human body is water. This universal element can dissolve  many a chemical produced by the body. the negative/harmful energy released by stress, or improper diet can be absorbed by water , thus keep your mind at level. Water also acts as a stabilizer being receptive to the vibes within and outside, of the universe.

If in spite of resorting to natural remedies, you perpetually feel depressed, it is advisable to seek professional help.

The ups and downs in life are  like the meandering river, which takes its natural course to merge and settle without losing spirit, Similarly you can ride on the rising tide and stay steady during the ebbing tide, and our tips for natural remedies to uplift your mood, simply fastens your seat belt for the ride!

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Natural Remedies To Uplift Your Mood – Spring Up To Nature