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Top 10 Iron Rich Foods

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Iron rich foods

Iron deficiency is not a big problem in majority of the  kids, still many kids do suffer from health issues resulted from iron deficiency. Here are the top 10 iron rich foods (with their iron contents) that can immunize your child to fight against iron deficient health scares.Choosing iron rich food can be pretty confusing for parents who find it difficult to tackle their picky eaters.




  • Ready-to-eat cereal: ¾ Cup gives 18.0 mg/serving 
  • Oatmeal : 1 Cup Oatmeal prepared in water gives 10.0 mg/ per serving 
  • Soybeans: 1cup boiled, 8.8 mg/serving 
  • Lentil soup: 1 cup  boiled lentil soup gives 6.6 mg/serving 
  • Molasses, blackstrap:1 tablespoon gives 3.5mg/serving 
  • Tofu, raw: 1/2 cup gives 3.4 mg/serving 
  • Spinach: Boiled 1/2 cup gives 3.4/mg serving 
  • Black-eyed peas (cowpeas):1 cup boiled gives 1.8 mg/servings 
  • Raisins: 1 cup gives 1.5 mg/serving 
  • Whole wheat bread, and White bread( enriched): 1 slice gives 0.9 mg/servings 


Facts of interest


  • Even toddlers and older children who consume more than 24 oz of milk in a day are vulnerable to iron deficiency health scares.
  • Although sea foods are rich sources of iron but some sea foods like nuts and shell fish can increase levels of mercury, so consult your pediatrician before serving the food to kids.  



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Top 10 Iron Rich Foods