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How To Avoid Food Allergies In Children

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How to avoid food allergies in children is perhaps one of the common concerns for every new parent. Due to their inexperience in raising young baby, they take almost any irritating outcome of the baby as the result of food allergy. It even happened for me, when my elder daughter was born. Whenever she had some irregularities, I used to think in the same pattern. But within a month or two, I realized that I was completely wrong. Intolerance of certain food does not always indicate that your baby has grown up food allergies. This might causes symptoms like throwing up, spitting up, diarrhea or skin rashes, but eventually your child will get used to the food and will not show up any such symptoms after having the food. However, real food allergies are much different than this, where your child will be seriously affected with some kind of infection related to certain foods. In some cases, a food allergy can even lead to life threatening situation. So, you have to be very careful from the early days of your child to take care of this situation.
Different types of food causing allergies

  • For avoiding food allergies in children, you need to be quite aware of the facts on raising a healthy baby. You never know; which food is allergic for your child or when your baby is going to be allergic for certain food. However, you should know about the common symptoms of food allergy, which could be wheezing or difficulty in breathing, nausea, severe skin rashes, multiple times of vomiting, abdominal pain, abnormal swelling etc. Whenever you see any of these symptoms in a recurring basis after having any particular food, you should be cautious about the food.
  • So, the best way for avoiding food allergies in children would be, gradually starting a new food for your baby. Whenever you start a new food for your child, give some time to notice whether there is any reaction or not. In case of mild intolerance, you can keep on continuing the food occasionally, so that your child eventually get used to that particular food by getting rid of the mild reactions. But, if your child is really allergic, then you should never repeat this food in her life.
  • It is very difficult to differentiate between food intolerance and food allergy. Just by judging the reaction of your own, you cannot predict about the correct problem. You can take guidance from your pediatrician in this regard, but initially he will also be at dark to diagnose the exact problem. Unless you see, that repetitively your child is showing the same sort of symptoms, you cannot really conclude that it is a food allergy. Alternatively, you can do the allergy taste for your baby, which is quite a lengthy and expensive process.
  • Some precautionary methods have been useful in avoiding food allergies for children. Usually there is a list of food items, which might be the cause of food allergies in children. These are tree nuts, milk, peanuts, fish, eggs, wheat, soy etc. Until your child grows up the complete immunity system, it will be better to withheld foods which are suspected to be allergic.


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    How To Avoid Food Allergies In Children