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Food Pyramid For Kids - Nutrition Guide

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Food pyramid is a nutritional guide for all parents

Food pyramid for kids is a guide for all parents to understand the nutrition requirements of children. It is a simple guide on the appropriate  food calories for children from the age group of 2- 6 years. Food pyramid for children has 6 major food groups which are essential for good health of a child. Food pyramid emphasizes the need and importance of oils, sweets and fats which also needs to be included in the diet of children. Here is the food pyramid which shows the importance of the specific foods for the health of your child at every stage of the development of the child.


One: Carbohydrates: - Utmost important for 2-3 year olds.

• It is a good source of energy.

• You have to include at least 6 serFruits and vegetablesvings of carbohydrates in your child’s meals every day.

• Include foods rich in carbohydrates like oats, rice, cereals, grains and wheat.

• These are essential to reduce obesity.

Two:  Plant Oils: - Essential to include in the diet of children who are 2.5 years old and above.

• Choose healthy oil for your children.

• Include oils such as sunflower, corn, soya bean oil or olive oil.

• You should avoid butter and ghee for your child.

Three: Fruits and vegetables: Essential for children above 3 years

• Include at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruits.

• Include vegetables which are dark green and orange as these are loaded with minerals and vitamins.

• These have low calories with high nutritional values.

Four: Beans, nuts, legumes: Children above 3.5 yearsDairy products
• These are rich in iron, zinc, magnesium.

• You can include these for their dinner and lunch.

• Include them as their tiffin menu for school

Five: Fish, meat, poultry – Children above 4 years

• Include foods which are made from meat, fish and poultry.

• These are rich in calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and minerals.

• Include foods such as boiled eggs, grilled fish or meat for their lunch or dinner.

• It is good to include at least 3 servings of meat and eggs in a week for the essential supply of amino acids and vitamins.

Six: Dairy Products - Important for all children...all age groups.

Dairy products are most important for children, though the ways of eating these usually depends on the age of the children. Every child needs to have milk and milk products in different forms. You need to choose a product as per the health of your child. Choose between milk, yogurt, cheese and other milk products which you love to eat.

This pyramid is a guide which helps parents to decide the nutrition which they can choose for their kids. It will ensure that the child gets a balanced food requirement throughout the growing years.


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Food Pyramid For Kids - Nutrition Guide