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How To Keep Kids Away From Candies?

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Tips to keep kids away from candiesWhen I was a small child, my Dad never allowed me to have too many candies – I didn’t understand why and often felt angry. Now, being a mother I realize how important it is to know how to keep kids away from candies. You keep a box full of candies anywhere at home – they will find it out soon and within a few hours your pack of candies will vanish.

Candies might not be good for health, especially when they are consumed in large quantities. You have to ensure that your kids do not get addicted to candies and their urge to have candies is well controlled. If you are tired of finding out newer ways of keeping kids away from candies…here are some tips which are surely going to help you.

• One of the best ways of keeping kids away from candies is by not letting them know that there are Kids love candies but you have to ensure that they do not eat too many candiescandies at home. If they do not know about the existence of candies at home, they won’t show any inclination to have them.
• In case, they know about the candies being present you should distribute the candies among family members and all others who are present at home in their presence. This will be a dual benefit for you – they will know that candies are all exhausted and they will learn about sharing too.
• Kids tend to have access to too many candies during festive times such as Halloween and other occasions. Ask your child to share it with friends and relatives since it is a part of celebration and the candies are meant for everyone. They will learn about sharing too in the process.
• Kids love bed time stories – so when you are telling them a bed time story, remember to tell them stories about candies and teeth…you can make any additions to the story depending on the thought process of your child. My Dad, used to tell me, that candies take away teeth and also that too many candies can bring in worms which love to feed on sweet tooth...this was enough to scare me!
• You can offer your kids something else in place of candies which they love. If it is a birthday party, try to bring in fewer candies and have other edibles which they are fond of…like vegetables, fruits, healthy cookies, puddings and ice creams. This way you will be using replacement food which is certainly much better than candies.
• Your kids might not love all types of candies and have their own strawberry candy or chocolate candy. You can bring in greater quantities of those candies which are not preferred by your kids and less of those candies which are loved by them. I know, this sounds too harsh on your kids, but this is the assured way of ensuring that your kids have a healthy life.

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How To Keep Kids Away From Candies?