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Most Common Teen Eating Disorders

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Teen eating disorders Nearly 15% teenagers around the world are affected by eating disorders. The most common teen eating disorders are thought to be anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and also binge eating disorder. Teen eating disorders usually begin when any teenager is unable to  cope with some problems of life such as the death of someone very close, depression, joining a new school, break-ups or even parental pressure. Teens who get stressed find that their self esteem is getting low and soon they find things getting out of control. Eating disorder is like an unsuccessful attempt to normalize the present stressful conditions by the teenager.



Most teenagers who suffer from eating disorders seem to be happy, attractive, and energetic – it is very difficult to detect their eating disorder.
Anorexia disorder: Affects 1% teenagers with eating disorders.

• Teens who suffer from anorexia have a fear of gaining weight.

• They have a preoccupation and obsession about calories, weight, food and cooking.

• They use laxatives, water pills, diet pills and ipecac syrup to lose weight.

Bulimia nervosa:

• It usually develops in the age group 16-19

• It involves recurrent phases of binge eating that is followed by compensatory behavior of exercising, vomiting and also use of laxatives.

• There is constant fluctuation in weight.

Binge eating disorder:

• This is a condition which involves episodes of overeating.

• There is no control over eating.

• There is an obsession about food, uncontrollable urge to eat, recipes and eating.

• It brings in obesity type conditions which include hypertension, type 2 diabetes and also cholesterol.

Eating disorder

If you wish to avoid any such condition which can lead to eating disorder in your teenager, you need to consider a few things. Family and friends have a major role in the prevention of eating disorders among children.

• Conditions of eating disorders can be prevented when you are able to praise the strengths and talents of your teenager.

• You have to listen to them, understand and discuss patiently all their problems and everything related to their feelings, thoughts and fears.

• You have to be very supportive towards dreams and hopes of your teenager.

• You need to remind your teenager again and again, that a healthy body is much essential than a slim body.

• Teenagers should be encouraged to make friends and spend time their own way…this will keep their attention diverted.

• They should be barred from unhealthy diet plans, excessive exercises and unrealistic eating habits.

• Teenagers should be encouraged to develop good habits so that their attention is diverted and they have a broader outlook towards life.

Parents should keep a close bonding with the teenager, so that any type of emotional stress or problem is soon identified and taken care of.

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Most Common Teen Eating Disorders