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Quit Bananas and Salt to Have Baby Girl

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Quit Bananas and Salt to Have Baby Girl

Do you wish to have a baby girl? Well, in that case you have to quit bananas and salt to have baby girl. Yes, it does affect. According to a recent study of Maastricht University in Holland, the most important thing that actually decide the sex of your baby are right kind of food. 

The researchers found out that in order to have a baby girl, the mother must avoid eating potassium and sodium rich foods like anchovies, bacon, smoked salmon, olives, prawns, potatoes, salami, blue cheese, savory rice, bread, processed meats, and pastries. As an alternative, indulge more in concentrated foods that have high contents of calcium and magnesium. These include food stuff like hard cheese, rhubarb, yoghurt, canned salmon, almonds, tofu, spinach, broccoli, oatmeal, and oranges.

Further, the researchers at Maastricht University also said that the diet of the father of the child is of no use in the context. The research was going on since last 5 years with about 172 Western European Women. All these women were between the age of 23 to 42 and all were wishing for baby girls. They all were asked to cut down salt and bananas from their diet and indulge more in dairy products. Their diet also included other food stuffs like vegetables, bread, fruit, rice, meat and pasta. A spokesman for the scientist was quoted in the Daily Mail, "The results show that both diet and timing methods increase the probability of girl - the impact of the diet being the most pronounced."

If you are too keen to paint your nursery pink instead of blue, quit bananas and salt to have baby girl. 

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Quit Bananas And Salt To Have Baby Girl