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Top 10 Food Containing Probiotics – Become A Pro When It Comes To Your Health

Top 10 foods containing probiotics - a cup of yoghurt How about fortifying your body-system with useful bacteria? Probiotics in the way of microbes and bacteria aid in improving the overall health by improving digestion and the overall metabolism of the human body. When you look up our top 10  food containing probiotics, and the loads of nutrients and health quotient they carry, you will ease out a lifestyle to enrich your life and living with healthy foods in your daily diet.

First let us look into how probiotics help our body. The useful, friendly and live bacteria and microbes aid in digestion. We know that the small intestines are lined with useful microbes that play an integral role in digestion; probiotics supplement the activity of the indigenous bacteria. As an anti-inflammatory agent, probiotics can keep a lot of ailmets at bay, caused due to allergy or infections. In fact, a course of antibiotics is generally followed by a dosage of probiotics to help the patient recuperate faster.

Killer diseases such as colon cancer and hypertension-caused disorders, can be negated with the intake of probiotics.

When something induces a positive change in the human body, it cascades to all the layers and brings about an overall well-being. Probiotics, as a stimulus  from any nook and cranny of your system, ripples to the surrounding environment and generate wellness.

Top 10 foods containing probiotics - booster for the useful bacteria

So here is a list of top 10  food containing probiotics  to add them to your daily meal to live healthy and long-

•    Yoghurt and butter milk: A rich source of probiotics yoghurt can be eaten as is or as desserts. Butter milk has been lauded, from ancient wisdom as a good activator of the digestive system. Now we know why. Butter milk is fortified with probiotics .

•    Acidophilus milk : Milk, which is exclusively cultured through the process of fermentation with the help of the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus is the Acidophilus milk. The milk has a sour ‘n’ tangy taste and is thick in consistency  .

•    Tofu : Tofu is soy-based cheese with low fat and high –protein is high in probiotics. So the next time you dice or season your tofu, eat it with double relish for the ‘slab-full’ of nutrients it carries.

•    Cheese (cottage cheeses, soft cheese) : Cheese a favorite amongst children(the picky eaters, for whom troubled parents, look for an assortment of techniques, to supplement their diet in a variety of ways) as well, can be used in a mélange of delicacies and for seasoning as well. Say ‘cheese to cheese!’ as it makes it to the top 10  food containing probiotics.

•    Sauerkraut : This is a dish made of fermented cabbage having a tangy flavor and  is used for garnishing many German recipes using sausages, or in salads. Sauerkraut seasoned with sea-salt is a fort of nutrients and probiotics as well.

•    Chocolate : Always known as the ‘sinful indulgence’ chocolates now arrive with a health-label. They carry probiotics which help to promote lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in the intestinal-tract,

•    Tempeh : An Indonesian, soy-based fermented dish with a nutty flavor gives you all reason to go nuts over it as it scores high with its high-content of probiotics and tops it to the top 10 food containing probiotics.

•    Pickles : An accompaniment to Asian dishes and also used in other parts of the world, pickles with the tingly and the tangy flavor are essentially ‘spiced up’ with probiotics.

•    Baby foods : Labeled baby foods are naturally supplemented with probiotics to supplement the immune system and the digestive tract for improved functioning and growth.

•    Soy sauce : Soy sauce is used for seasoning in many Chinese dishes, the flavorsome soy sauce once again wins hands down for being enriched with probiotics.

There are a wide range of supplements available in the market branded for their probiotics content but you should look out for the one labeled as ‘live bacterial cultures’ to derive the maximum potential from it.

The list of the  top 10  food containing probiotics and the snippet (s) of information on their usage definitely paves way for a healthier, happier and youth-full living.

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Top 10 Food Containing Probiotics – Become A Pro When It Comes To Your Health