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Top 10 Food Contianing Protein

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Foods containing protein helps to perform a number of important body functions. I always suggest to naturally supplement your protein needs for a healthy diet.
Proteins help repair and grow muscles, hair, nails and skin. They also help your body to build antibodies, which then protect you from diseases. So make sure of your daily protein intake.
Here’s a list of Top 10 Food Contianing Protein Foods containing protein
1.Meat---All meat contains protein. Pork, beef, chicken, turkey and other poultry are the healthiest meats to eat. However, beef and pork have unsaturated fat and should be eaten in moderation.
2.Fish-- Trout, swordfish, haddock, salmon, herring, fresh or packed in water albacore tuna, mackerel and sardines are high in proteins. Other fish such as cod and flounder also contain protein, but are higher in fat content.
3. Milk and Milk Products--   Milk and Milk Products are a good source of protein. Even, foods made from milk include cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese and baby formula are packed with protein. I would say that for a healthy diet, drink and eat products made from non-fat or low-fat milk.
4. Soybeans-- Soybeans consists of low-fat protein. Researches show that it is very healthy. Tofu, patties to substitute for hamburgers, bread, frozen desserts, pancake flour and candy are all soybean products that are good source of protein.
5. Beans—As far as beans go, dried, frozen or canned beans are considered as vessels of protein.
6. Eggs-- They're inexpensive and a great source of protein.  You can add them in to almost any meal to increase the amount of protein you're eating.
7. Whey-- To make you reach your goal of a firm and toned body whey protein is the answer.
8. Seafood—Crab and lobsters are packed with protein.
9. Oats— Oats are my favorite and they are engorged with proteins.
10. Avocado—Do not forget to eat them. They are actually considered a vessel for protein.
Unfortunately I see around that protein foods have been pushed to the side and replaced by highly processed, refined foods, primarily starchy carbohydrates which is resulting in a lot of health problems in society. Protein intake should be properly timed and taken in sufficient amounts. Let me tell you that the foods high in protein will surely help you see a marked improvement in your both your health.
For tasty recipes that is sure to increase your protein intake check recipes on and savor your very own homemade protein recipes.

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Top 10 Food Contianing Protein