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Top 10 Food Containing Sulphur

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The numerous benefits that sulphur offers us have earned it the title of a “healing mineral”. Sulphur is usually consumed in the form of proteins and amino acids and plays multiple roles in our lives. Therefore, it is important that we know all about the top 10 food containing Sulphur.

Sulphur is commonly called the “healing mineral”

The top 10 foods containing sulphur are listed below:
• Sea food:
Any kind of sea food – scallops, lobster, crab, etc – is loaded with high quantities of sulphur. For example, as few as 10 steamed scallops contain as much as 510 mgs sulphur.
• Meat:
Almost all the meat forms contain high doses of sulphur in them. Some of the common examples are fried veal cutlet, roasted fillet, roasted lamb heart, boiled chicken, etc.
• Milk and Milk Products:
Milk and milk products are also have an abundance of sulphur in them. Parmesan cheese is probably the best example. Just 10 grams of parmesan cheese contains almost 250 grams of sulphur in them. 
• Fish:
Salmon, tuna, sardines and other kinds of canned fishes are sulphur rich as well. Baked cod, fish cakes and fish cutlets are also rich in sulphur content.
• Vegetables:
Talking about sulphur-rich vegetables, the options are numerous. Common vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, onion, garlic, etc are rich in sulphur content.
• Fruits:
Almost all fruits are great sources of sulphur. From the common fruits like apples, mangoes, oranges, grapes, guavas, pineapples, etc, to the more exotic ones like cranberries, peach, passionfruits, avocado, etc – sulphur is present in varied proportions in all fruits.
• Grains and Cereals:
Common grains and cereals like flour, muesli, cornflakes, porridge, rice, etc are great sulphur supplements.
• Nuts:
Nuts also provide ample amounts of sulphur. Almonds, hazel nuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts – almost all kinds of nuts have varied proportions of sulphur in them.
• Sauces and Condiments:
Sauces and condiments are a tasty way of consuming sulphur. Sauces like the barbeque sauce, chilly sauce, tomato sauce, tartare sauce, soy sauce and others fall in this category. Condiments like salad crème, mayonnaise, mustard powder, etc also are rich sulphur sources.
• Jams and Spreads:
Common jams and spreads like marmalade, peanut butter, honey, etc have considerable sulphur contents in them.
• Beverages:
Even beverages like sherry, beer, red wine, lemonade, drinking chocolate, tea and coffee provide some amount of sulphur to our bodies.

Sulphur aids almost every cell of human body. It plays a major role in bone mineralization, in production of insulin and in creation of bile fluid (which in turn helps in digestion). It gives a healthy shine to your hair, nails and skin as well. Deficiency of sulphur in diet may cause diseases like arthritis, asthma, migraines, nerve disorders, constipation, etc. Therefore, for a healthy body, sulphur is absolutely important. Thus, consume sulphur in its different forms and remain healthy, hearty and happy. 

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Top 10 Food Containing Sulphur