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Trimming Calories in the New Year

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Don't think of it as going a diet - just trim calories and make healthy choices for the New Year

Here we are almost to the beginning of another year - 2008-time just seems to zip by.

Many say this time of year - "I must go on a diet after the New Years Holiday",  but why not just trim calories by making Healthy Choices? It is so much easier to do this than have your mind clicked on to a regimen of dieting. We feel deprived and suffer when on a diet. You don't need to do without-you just need to make healthy choices and portion control.

First of all include lots of fiber in your diet, as it is bulky and fulfilling and healthy.

In many cases, adding some high-fiber ingredients to a recipe makes the food healthier and more filling without changing the flavors that you love. Choosing white meats instead of red meats also is a calorie cutter.

Chicken with lettuce salad teriyaki and tsukune or chicken meatballs grilled are healthy choices.

For example, include oatmeal or bulgar wheat in I slip into meatloaf, meatballs, kebabs, and patties.

And if you substitute white whole-wheat flour for 1/3 of the all-purpose flour in most recipes, you can't taste the difference whether making bisquits or nan.

Some of my other fiber-rich favourites to toss into recipes include Whole Wheat or Farro or Spelt pasta, berries, corn tortillas, kidney beans, whole kernal corn, and beans or dahl.

Farro Pasta with Mushrooms

Many sweets are just impossible to make with low calorie ingredients - so this is where portion control comes in. Don't deprive yourself, just cut back from a handful of your favourite candies to just say one or two pieces.

I find cutting out whites like flour, sugar, rice makes a huge difference and I don't miss them. I now love brown rice and if I need something sweet I'll choose fruit oruse Splenda. Reducing the amount of sugar in a recipe is a quick way to cut calories and or use a little Splenda in place of part of the sugar. Many times the sugar isn't really necessary and using real vanilla and spices can make it tasty enough. Did you know 1/4 cup of sugar has 194 calories, and the vanilla has three calories?

In a few recipes, I can use less than a teaspoon of vanilla and reduce the sugar by one-half cup.

Grilled fruit makes a fabulous dessert. For instance sprinkle a little sugar on slices of fresh pineapple or sliced peaches and grill. Yes, you must use sugar to carmelize the slices, but just a little.


Citrus, bananas, melons are great choices for desserts and for snacks! 


Did you know there are over 39 types of bananas in Thailand?

Happy New Year and think Healthy Choices.



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Trimming Calories In The New Year