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First Aid For Choking

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First Aid For Choking — ChokingWe all know how it feels when a piece of food gets stuck in the throat and no matter how much we try to swallow it down with water, it refuses to budge. Nothing can be more painful than an unwanted object obstructing the flow of air in the body.

Choking can be hazardous. Apart from obstructing the airways, it can at times lead to a more serious condition of cardiopulmonary arrest. What’s more, choking can cut off oxygen flow to the brain and can result in haemhorrage and even death. Hence, it is important to administer first aid to a choking person at the earliest.

Some of the most common signs of choking are inability to talk or cough, difficulty in breathing or noisy breathing, unconsciousness, and discoloration of lips, nails, skin, etc.  Below listed are a slew of first aid for choking.


First Aid Remedies For Choking

  • To relive choking, Red Cross recommends that you deliver five back blows on the shoulder blades of the choked person with the heel of your hand. Alternately, you can try applying abdominal thrusts to dislodge the blockage.
  • To apply abdominal thrusts on someone, position yourself behind the person, wrap your arms tightly around his/her wrist, and bend the person slightly forward. Now place a fist slightly above the other person’s navel. Hold the fist with the other hand and press it hard into the abdomen using a quick, upward thrust. Repeat the thrust five times in a row and do it again until the blockage is dislodged.
  • To perform abdominal thrusts on yourself, place your fist slightly above the navel. Bend over a countertop or chair and shove the fist upward and inward until the blockage is dislodged.
  • To dislodge blockage in pregnant women, place a fist right at the base of the breastbone and press the fist hard into the chest using quick maneuvers. Repeat until the blockage is dislodged.
  • To clear the passageway of a choking infant, make the child sit first and hold him/her facedown on your forearm. Using the heel of your hand, gently thump the back five times. Doing so will release the blockage.

Try these first aid remedies the next time you see someone choking for immediate relief.


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First Aid For Choking