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First Aid for Poisioning

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Food For Posioning — Poisonous FoodIt is easy to misunderstand seizure, alcohol intoxication, stroke or insulin reaction as a case of poisoning owing the similar signs and symptoms. Therefore, its is important to ascertain poisoning before doling out first aid for the same. Look for signs like burns or redness in the mouth and lips, chemical or odiferous breath, vomiting, difficulty breathing, sleepiness, confusion or other unexpected signs and call emergency for immediate help. Until then you can dole out the below mentioned first aid for poisoning.


First Aid Remedies For Poisoning

  • It is important to identify the source of poisoning even before doling out first aid to the victim. For instance, if a person has been exposed to the poisonous fumes of carbon monoxide, it is important to breathe in fresh air into his/her mouth as soon as possible.
  • If the source of poison were any toxic household cleaner or other chemicals, it would be best to call a poison control center and follow the instructions as provided by them.
  • If you suspect the patient of ingesting poison, then try to identify the source of poison first. Next, make the victim lie on his/her left side, collect as much spoiled food or vomitus in a container, and send it to emergency facility.
  • In case of swallowed poisoning, remove all traces of food or toxic substance from the mouth. Also, unless the victim is unconscious or cannot swallow, make him/her drink at least 2 ounces of water before calling the poison center.
  • Never try and neutralize a toxicant by giving antidotes like saltwater, mustard, vinegar, or raw eggs. Also never, try to force the patient to puke by sticking your finger inside the patient’s mouth.
  •     Activated charcoal is one of the better aids against poisoning. Not only does it all toxins from the body, but also works as an antidote.
  • In case of a poisonous contact with the eye, gently rinse the eye with tepid water. Gentle streams of lukewarm water on the forehead above the affected eye can also help flush out much of the toxin from the eye.
  • In case of a poisonous contact with a toxic substance, remove any contaminated clothing, rinse the affected area thoroughly with warm, and hand soap water. Call the poison center.


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First Aid For Poisioning