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Creative Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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omeletteWe know that many of the parents are always in search of creative breakfast ideas for kids. So, through this blog we have tried to answer their queries. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, especially for kids. However, making the kids eat a healthy breakfast is no less than a battle. Creative breakfast ideas for kids serve as the solution to this problem. Kids will never say no to nutritious meals that possess an amazing appearance. Convert boring dishes into edible art and see how it leaves your child asking for more. Use healthy and delicious foods to make fun images which will make this meal your kid’s favorite. A healthy breakfast which is appealing too will give your kid the energy required to perform activities during the day.


Flower Parfait

Use nonfat flavored yogurt in order to make to make an easy and tasty kid's breakfast dish with a flower decoration on its top to add appeal. The parfait basically includes diced strawberries, layered honey granola and blueberry yogurt. Use six small sliced strawberry pieces as petals to form a flower shape over a layer of yogurt and a roasted peanut shall work as the center of the flower.


Happy Pancakes

Make a cheerful breakfast for your children by making a cartoon happy face on plain pancakes. Place a pancake on a plate and treat this as the face. Use a slice of bacon to make a smiling mouth, syrup swirls to create the hair and two strawberry halves make the eyes on the face. Alternatively, you may use banana slices to create the eyes and the smiling mouth and scrambled egg to make the hair.


Monster Toast

Yet another healthy breakfast idea is to make a crazy monster which is based on the classic egg in toast dish. The monster includes of a thick slice of bread that has a big hole in its middle. When an egg is dropped in the hole the bread gets fried on both sides till the time the egg is cooked. Small apple slices with grape halves in the middle serve as the eyes of the monster, two triangle cheese slices create the fangs and apple slice forms the mouth.


Omelet Boat

A healthy omelet can be made by combining bits of cheese with lunchmeat to lend a nautical theme. The omelet sits over a plate with the fold facing up so as to form the basic shape of a boat. The mast of the boat is made using a slice of celery and the sail will be made by a triangle-shaped slice of toast.


Robot French Toast

For making the kid’s breakfast of a robot theme, you will first have to mix fruit and a sausage patty along with French toast.  The slice of French toast creates the body of the robot and the head is formed by the sausage patty. The arms and legs are created using apple slices and the hands and feet are made by raisins. The buttons on the body and head of the robot as well as its eyes are created by dots of maple syrup.


Sunny Egg

What can be better than starting off the day with a sun-themed egg breakfast! The basic sun is made by placing fried egg on the top of a plate. The rays of the sun are prepared using thin slices of toast that are adorned with lines of strawberry jam. The whole dish seems like rays of sun are emerging from a bright yellow ball of fire.


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Creative Breakfast Ideas For Kids