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Give The New Year A Heart-Healthy Start (Tips for Healthy Heart)

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Healthy heartDo you know that recently 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with heart failure at least once? In wake of this news, have you thought what should be your New Year's Resolution this year? Here is an advice - Give the New Year a heart-healthy start with the following tips for healthy heart: 

Here are four tips on how to keep your heart healthy: 

1. Instead of salt, flavor your food with spices, lemon juice and flavored extracts.

2. Adapt preferred foods to low-sodium versions.

3. Instead of buying canned soups which are high in sodium and preservatives, make your own.

4. Pick foods naturally low in sodium, like fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, poultry and fish.


In the past, people with heart failure were advised to rest and give up many of their physical activities, but recent research has shown that activity can help such patients feel better, and may actually improve the heart's functioning. Start by picking a simple aerobic activity that you enjoy, such as gardening, walking, swimming or biking, and do it regularly.

To learn more about heart failure and how to manage your condition, visit the Heart Failure Society of America.

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Give The New Year A Heart-Healthy Start (Tips For Healthy Heart)