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How to Eat Longevity Buns?

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The Longevity Bun is an amazingly yummy Chinese pastry that I came across recently at a friends granddads birthday bash!! Shamefully, I had never heard of it before and even when she told me about her menu I had no clue about how to make or how to eat longevity buns!!! So I figured that being the foodie that I am I just can’t walk into a party and not have an idea about what the longevity bun is about. So here is what I found out: 
An set of freshly steamed longevity peach buns.



Longevity peach bun is an original Chinese pastry made in the shape of peaches. Peach symbolizes longevity in the Chinese culture and it is said that a peach from heaven can grant a person 500 years of life!! No wonder she wanted it for her grand dad’s birthday. The longevity buns are steamed and stuffed with a red bean paste filling or sometimes lotus paste filling. As often as they are served for birthdays as a simple steamed bun, longevity buns are also used to decorate cakes like seen in this picture!

Longevity Buns used to decorate a fruit cake.
Here is a simple recipe for longevity bun or steamed birthday buns and once you get a hang of preparing these buns..get innovative!!


300g plain flour

5g instant yeast

70g sugar

5g baking powder

112g of water (more need more)

3g shortening



200g white lotus paste

You will need some pink coloring to imitate the soft pink skin of peaches.

Mix the ingredients for the dough and knead into smooth dough. Add a little more water if required.


Roll the lotus paste into ten 20 g balls.

Wrap each of the lotus paste balls in 30g of dough. Seal the dough properly and then make sure that the stuffed dough is shaped such that it looks like a peach.


Put the stuffed peach buns on a paper and leave aside for 30 min to let it rise.


Once the dough has risen steam the longevity peach buns over high heat for 6 minutes.


Once it the buns are done, remove them and spray with pink coloring.


Your Longevity peach buns are ready and in case you want to serve them later on in the day, refrigerate them and re-steam them when required!
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How To Eat Longevity Buns?