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Food Allergies growing rapidly!

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Food allergens are most commonly encountered at the eating out jointsIf you felt food allergies are growing rapidly and the number of people allergic to various foods are on a rise then believe me you are not wrong. According to a recent newsletter by FDA almost 12 million Americans suffer from various food allergies, and the figures are just getting worse; hence, it is pertinent that everyone must have some working knowledge on food allergies, prevention, and things to do in case of anaphylaxis (a severe reaction to any allergen).

But then, why this sudden increase in the incidents of food allergies you might wonder. Some scientists believe that the high influx of artificial food additives and preservatives in our diet might be the reason for rise in food allergies, while others blame the reduced age at which kids are being top fed. However, Dr. Robert A. Wood, pediatric allergy expert from John Hopkins Medical Institutions has an interesting theory, he says, allergies and food allergies in particular are a problem only in developed and developing nations, and the number of cases reported in underdeveloped countries is still very low. This, he believes, is a result of reduced number of infections that the body is subjected to in the developed countries. Since, the immune system has lesser number of infections to fight; it starts to act up on different allergens present in the environment!

Since inviting infections to prevent allergies obviously does not make for a good solution, learning to live with food allergies seems to be the only option left. With my personal experience I can tell you, dealing with food allergies need not be taxing at all; with proper care, reading up of the food labels, and avoiding all the foods that have possibly been in contact with the food allergens a person can lead a very normal life. Moreover, the good news is that almost 50% to 75% of the toddlers with various food allergies outgrow them by their 2nd or 3rd birthday.

For those of you who are battling food allergies, there are many support groups and online counseling available; do follow the links for further information. There is a lot of information available over internet; however, getting credible data is important, follow this link to read regular newsletters from FDA.

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Food Allergies Growing Rapidly!