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Health Benefits Of Beetroot

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A cup of beetroot supplies us with thirty one food calories. Do I need to say anything more about the health benefits of beetroot? Packed with minerals and loaded with medicinal properties, the bloody beet is a storehouse of good health.
Beetroots are a storehouse of good healthThe health benefits of eating beetroots are numerous. Here’s an enumeration of how this red-colored vegetable helps almost each and every part of our body:

Nutrient Supplier:

Beetroots supply numerous minerals and vitamins to our body. They are rich in folic acid, potassium, manganese and fiber. The leaves and roots are great suppliers of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, Vitamin B and C, iron, etc. Beetroot in itself is a rich source of zinc, iodine, chlorine, protein, etc.


Beetroots are great supplements for people suffering from anemia. The high iron and magnesium content in them increases the blood production, thereby, drastically helping anemic patients. Beetroot juice and its daily intake help in reducing high blood pressure. The fibers present in beetroots also help greatly in lowering the cholesterol level in blood.


For that beautiful, glowing skin, you don’t need to go far and wide and pay exorbitant rates anymore. Beetroots are great anti-oxidants and hence, they give a distinct glow to your skin. They also help in treating various skin diseases. You can boil beetroots in water and use the liquid to cure inflammation, pimples, boils and rashes on the skin.


Beetroot is rich in betaine – a chemical that supports the healthy functioning of your liver. With proper and healthy functioning of your liver, the fats consumed by you are efficiently broken down. Thus, beetroots are great for livers. At the same time, they work very effectively in helping you lose fat and weight.

A cup of beetroot supplies us with thirty one food caloriesAnti-Cancer and Anti-Tumor:

Beetroots have betacyanin in huge amounts. Betacyanin has great anti-oxidant properties, which in turn, protect us from the cancer-causing compounds like nitrosamines, etc. Thus, beetroots have great anti-cancer or anti-tumor properties. This rich anti-oxidant also protects us from various oxidative stress-related disorders.


Not many of us would be aware of the anti-dandruff properties of beetroots. You can easily make a decoction of beetroot and mix it with vinegar. Then, apply it gently on your scalp. You will very soon see a drastic difference. The dandruffs will be completely gone and your overall hair quality will be great. No side effects, no chemicals, beetroots are thus the best way of curing dandruffs.


With a lot of fibers in them, beetroots act as effective laxatives and hence, improve bowel movements. They are also believed to improve your nerve strength. At the same time, beetroots have great aphrodisiac properties. They are rich in boron, which in turn manufacture sex hormones in human bodies. Thus, beetroots enhance greatly your sexual life as well.

Thus, your key to good health and good looks lies greatly amongst those beetroots lying in your basket. In whatever form may you consume it – be it the cooked form, or as salads or even as juices, each form has some special health benefits to offer. So, eat beetroots, be healthy and stay happy.
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Health Benefits Of Beetroot