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Which Protein Is Better - Soy Or Whey? - The better way to protein potential

Proteins are the building blocks of your body. Whether muscle-building to achieve a physique, or the routine tissue-building or repair your body has to undertake, its protein to the rescue. If you are scouring for protein foods, to serve your health, which protein is better – soy or whey?
 the answer to which is a better protein - soy or whey?
With animal proteins in the hot-bed of scientific debate, pertaining to side-effects on the liver and kidney, soy and whey proteins are the next best available alternatives. Though, vegans swear by the same-protein strength available in soy protein.

The basics – What is soy protein?
Soy protein is the content of food products such as soybeans, tofu, and soy flour. It is rich in amino acids and its protein content is equivalent to that of animal proteins.
Health benefits of soy proteins:
If you are not allergic to soy, there is a wide range of health benefits you can derive from this potential protein source.

There are:

•    Mitigate risks related to heart-diseases and symptoms related to menopause.
•    Other hormone-related conditions can also be subdued with the intake of soy proteins (endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer).
•    Can reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.
•    Soy Isoflavones which are sold as soy health supplements offer numerous health benefits, in the way of improving kidney function and preventing bone-loss.

What is whey protein?
Ever wondered about the thin film of liquid that is obtained after fermentation of milk or making cheese? You may not take the pain to collect it but its is worth your treasure, because here is whey water with a load of nutritive and mineral value and with a rich potential to keep your body fit.

Before we go back to the debate of which protein is better – soy or whey, here are some health-benefits of whey protein:

•    A natural anti-bacterial or anti-viral
•    Helps to tone down your body(prevents fatty deposits)
•    Assists in the digestive functions
•    Maintains your blood pressure
•    Helps to keep your liver healthy
•    Fortifies the immune system
•    Subdues the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As both soy and whey protein carry numerous health-benefits it would do well for a further mark of distinction to decide which is indeed better protein – soy or whey?

Nutrients in general are rated with many parameters one of them being biological value, which is defined as the quantity of protein that can be replaced with 100 gms of  that consumed food. In this sense, the biological value of whey protein weighs higher and is more sought-after by athletes. But it’s important to remember that both these forms of protein can lead to constipation, and therefore should be complemented by a high-fiber diet.
Does it mean that whey protein is better than soy protein? Not necessarily, as they both serve and supplement body functions in their own strength and potential.

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Which Protein Is Better - Soy Or Whey? - The Better Way To Protein Potential