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Which Is Better Calcium Carbonate Or Calcium Citrate?

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Calcium supplements are available as calcium carbonate and calcium citrateSo you have decided to start taking calcium supplements, a good decision taken, but then with so many types of calcium supplements available choosing the right one does get difficult. As a clinical dietician I often come across people wondering which calcium supplement is better, calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. To resolve all your queries about calcium supplements I am going to compare the pros and cons of both calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Calcium citrate: Calcium citrate is an acidic element. Since calcium is best absorbed in acidic environment, it is better absorbed in form of calcium citrate supplement. However, the elemental calcium content (the actual absorbable calcium in any supplement)  of most calcium citrate supplements is quite low; as a result you might have to consume more number of pills to meet your daily calcium needs. Also, calcium citrate is known to increase the acid content in the stomach; hence it is not recommended for people suffering from severe gastritis or stomach acidity. 

Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is an alkaline element; hence these supplements are effective only if consumed after meals when the stomach acid levels are at the peak. However, the elemental calcium content of carbonate based supplements are usually high, hence just one tablet a day would be enough to meet your daily calcium needs. But again most carbonate based calcium supplements available in the market come in form of large tablets, which might be difficult to swallow for some people. 

Thus, which form of calcium supplement best suits you would depend upon your body constitution, your calcium needs, and requirements. For a person suffering from hyperacidity issues calcium carbonate would be a better choice, whereas for a person facing major calcium deficiency or a person who has problem swallowing big tablets calcium citrate would be a better choice. For further information on calcium carbonate and calcium citrate read this article on calcium supplementation. 

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Which Is Better Calcium Carbonate Or Calcium Citrate?