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Unhealthy Breakfast can damage your liver!

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According to researchers, a seemingly innocuous breakfast of cereal and white bread could raise the risk of a potentially deadly liver condition.



Scientists have shown that diets rich in rapidly-digested carbohydrates raise the risk of fatty liver, a condition that can lead to liver failure and death. Such foods are classed as having a high glycaemic index, or GI, and include white bread, white rice and highly-processed breakfast cereals. Examples of low GI foods are beans, vegetables, unprocessed grains and wholemeal bread.



Already known to be fattening, It is now suggested that they may cause fatty liver - in which large globules of fat collect in the liver. This causes it to swell and raises the risk failure.
In experiments carried out at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, scientists looked at how mice fared when fed either a high or low GI diet. After six months on their diets, the mice weighed the same. But those on the high GI diet had twice the normal amount of fat in their bodies, blood and livers, the journal Obesity reports.

It is speculated that the sharp rise in sugar levels associated with eating high GI foods drives up the production of the hormone insulin, which tells the body to make and store fat.

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Unhealthy Breakfast Can Damage Your Liver!