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Can Beans Affect Gout? – The ‘Gout-ed’ not full of the beans

As we set to explore the aspects of whether “can beans affect gout?”; a briefing of what gout is, will throw light about the subject under discussion. Gout is a condition/ailment, which is similar to arthritis causing severe pain in the joint-regions. The cause for gout is the accumulation of excess uric-acid crystals in the joint-regions.

can beans affect gout - the food and ailment joint

What is uric acid?

Uric acid is one of the byproducts of blood-purification in the kidney. Excess uric acid remains in the blood-stream and goes deposits itself as crystals in the joint regions. People afflicted with gout, either have a system, which produces too much uric acid or a diet, which is out of proportion in the consumption of uric acid.

When we talk of gout-affecting diet, it means foods or edibles rich in purines. Purines are chemicals found in many edibles- right from pulses to vegetables, and are metabolized to form uric acid.  If you are a staunch patron of beans, and you do have gout-like symptoms, can beans affect gout?

When we assess the nutrient value of foods, generally, those with a high content of fat/cholesterol and in some cases, proteins are also high in purines. To substantiate with examples, meat and fish, like mackerel, mussels, sardines, oysters, and scallops  are rich in purines and are  foods that cause gout. High protein foods, fatty white meats, such as poultry and pork, can cause the condition to flare up. Sweetbreads and organ meats such as heart, kidney, or liver, and high-fat dairy products are  not advisable for those suffering from gout. 

And back to whether beans can affect gout, we have the vegetables-category, which comprise Spinach, mushrooms, peas, cauliflower, and  asparagus that are rich in purine. Yeast and lentil beans should also be kept at a safe-distance from a diet prescribed for gout, as they tend to aggravate the condition.

Just as the human body’s mechanism is complex; with an un-balanced diet throwing a spanner in the metabolic works, research on foods and specifically “can beans affect gout” is directed to keep your frame and fat healthy.

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Can Beans Affect Gout? – The ‘Gout-ed’ Not Full Of The Beans