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The Weighty Issues

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This serious blog examines what Americans are doing regarding eating and exercise, health habits, and food safety practices. In a recent survey most of the teenage Americans who where found to obese solely rely on junk food. It is certainly not a point that people are not bothered about their health, but the self realization is coming a bit too late.

Solving Weight Issues


As per International Food Information Council Foundation’s Food & Health Survey most Americans (70 percent) are concerned about their weight status, and the vast majority (77 percent) are trying various ways to lose or maintain their weight. 69 percent of them indicated that they were changing the amount of food they eat, 63 percent were changing the type of foods they eat, and 60 percent were engaging in various physical activities. Only 19 percent reported that they were keeping track of calories, which can be a tool for those trying to manage weight.

Solving Weight Issues

One of the reasons why people are obese these days is that no one was paying due attention to the advices and importance of a healthy and active lifestyle that food and nutrition professionals have been preaching for years. However, there are some positive signs too. Lot of Americans have started monitoring their weights. They are engaging in sports and are working out apart from being conscious of what they eat and when they eat. The country can, after all, no longer neglect the health factor.

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The Weighty Issues