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Benefits of mustard seeds

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mustard seedsHealth benefits of mustard seeds have been known since last 5,000 years . Mustard seeds are low in calories and have high nutritional value. They have several antiseptic as well as antibacterial qualities. Mustard seeds are available in the market in different varieties namely white mustard, black mustard and brown Indian mustard. These varieties are available in both whole and powdered form.  

1.    Mustard oil generates warmth, so it considered to be good for skin.

2.    Mustard seeds are rich in selenium nutrient which has high anti-inflammatory property.

3.    Mustard seeds are rich in magnesium and so they help in minimizing the severity of the attacks of asthma and lowering of blood pressure.

4.    Mustard seeds must be consumed by those who suffer from migraine. They are known to provide instant relief from the migraine attacks.

5.    Mustard seeds must be included in one’s daily diet as they are rich in manganese, iron, calcium, protein, omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.

6.    Consumption of mustard seeds speed up the rate of metabolism. Hence, they are good for proper digestion.

7.    Several menopausal women who face the problem of trouble sleeping may find relief by eating mustard seeds.

8.    Mustard seeds also serve as an appetizer. Black mustard seeds should be mixed with milk and consumed 20 minutes before any meal in order to raise the appetite.


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Benefits Of Mustard Seeds