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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Regime - Lose Weight The Natural Way

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As soon as we think of weight loss diet we think of anorexic portion sizes, hunger pangs, tasteless sandpaper like low fat substitutes, and more importantly feeling deprived and starved of all our foodie pleasures. Well things just don’t have to be this way, especially if you choose to follow the healthier raw food diet weight loss regime. Raw food diet is a food plan where you try to eliminate as much of cooked or processed food from your diet as possible. This way at least 75% of whatever you eat is raw, unprocessed, fresh, “live” – full of enzymes, and hence more healthy. 

Perfect Raw food lunch option - Lettuce wrap with sproutsIt is virtually impossible to gain weight on a raw food diet! A raw food diet is naturally low in fat, high in fibre, and provides enough proteins – making it the most naturally weight reducing diet regime. Just follow these tips on how to plan a balanced raw food diet and you are on the right path to healthy weight reduction.

• Carbohydrates (CHO): At least 50% of your total food should be CHO. Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, legumes, and nuts all are good sources of CHO. All food in its natural form contains enough fibre and nutrients to fulfil you daily fibre, simple sugar, and complex sugar allowance. So no need to add refined sugar to your diet. Remember to consume all foods whole i.e., do not skin or peel it, this way you get all the fibres trapped in the skin. The high amount of fibre in this diet plan provides a greater satiety value to the meal and also enhances body metabolism thereby enabling faster weight loss. 

• Protein: Nuts, seeds, legumes, soya, and beans are other good sources of protein; have at least 2 to 4 servings per day. Remember to sprout or germinate them to enable better nutrient absorption. Though unprocessed dairy products, whole eggs, and meat are rich sources of protein, I would suggest that you limit these to anyone product daily and only 1 serving per day. The protease enzyme, abundant in raw food but destroyed during cooking, helps in protein digestion and absorption. It also helps to eliminate certain toxins that cause bloating and water retention – major hindrances in losing weight.

Fresh fruits - best way to start a day when on raw food weight loss regime• Fats: Raw food diet as mentioned earlier is naturally low in fat content. The sources of fat include nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs, and raw meat. Majority of these products are rich in good mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fat, which helps cut down bad cholesterol and enhance heart health. Moreover, raw foods are rich in the enzyme lipase -a “fat splitting” enzyme that helps in fat digestion, distribution, and breakdown. It prevents excessive fat accumulation in the body, thus enabling faster weight loss. 

• Vitamins and minerals: Cooking destroys most of the nutrients in food. Eating raw helps in getting maximum vitamins and minerals from all food stuff. If the quantity of food required to meet you daily allowances bothers you, try blending or juicing green leafy veggies, fruits, and other vegetables. 


 A sample diet plan would be Fresh fruit and coconut water smoothie topped with nuts for breakfast, lunch would be spinach and carrot soup along with cucumber and soaked grains salad with raw salsa dressing, you can have a nutribar for snack (remember this diet need not be 100% raw), and a bowl of almond and coconut milk soup with some lettuce and greens salad. 

 All said, remember – no diet can eliminate the virtues of an all round healthy lifestyle and ample physical activity. Exercising (a minimum of 20mins/day) is essential for healthy weight reduction.

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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Regime - Lose Weight The Natural Way