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Health Benefits of an Apple

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Many people have been posting a quote on their wall on Facebook for sometime that “wish an apple and a blackberry were simply an apple or a blackberry”. But did they notice that there has also been a wish that an apple and a blackberry were more than just an apple and a blackberry.

There is a recent announcement by Apple inc that there is Apple for the common man too and it is available for a sum of Rs 57,000. This goes with the technology but coming back to my common woman’s health concerns I have seen that in an Indian Bazaar the common man’s apple is sour while the imported red ones are deep red and glossy and very costly.

I had always been content with the home grown apples; you know grapes are sour when you can’t affod it. When we were kids, we used to sing the rhyme “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. No more tooth pullout and bitter pills so even if you don like apples you should eat to keep the doctor at bay.

Health benefits of an apple:
1)    It is rich in antioxidants and also contains Vitamin C.
2)    It cleans the teeth, massages the gums and helps blood circular in the mouth region as you bite and chew the apple.
3)    It takes care of cholesterol in the blood.
4)    It helps in digestion and prevent constipation and when it is mixed with yoghurt forms a good diet during diarrhea.
5)    It also benefits people who are suffering from gout.

1)    Do not eat apple seeds because it may be toxic to the body.
2)    It is better to peel off apples because the outer covering may contain pesticides and the other toxic products.

Tips to buy and store apples:
1)    Buy hard apples because they will not become soft and mushy soon after buying.
2)    Store you apples in a cool place preferably in a refrigerator.

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Health Benefits Of An Apple