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Foods for Kids to Make for Gifts

You will be interested to read through this blog which tells about foods that kids can make as gifts. Children like making presents at home and adults appreciate them lovingly. Food gifts accompanying a card are the best gift to give to older relatives, friends and teachers. Some creative ideas for foods that kids can make as gifts are stated below. 


Fruit Bouquet

Fruit bouquets look amazing. Take strawberries, grapes, melon and kiwi slices and stick them in bamboo skewers. Now take a plastic vase and set a piece of apple at its bottom. Now press the fruit skewers onto the piece of apple so that they can stand firmly. Gift the bouquet the very same day it is made.


Gifts in a Jar

If you want to make raw food gift, then this one is the best. Take dry ingredients for making a bean soup or brownies and arrange them in layers in a food-safe jar. Put the lid tightly and cover the whole jar with a fabric that is secured with ribbon. Attach a card that explains the cooking instructions or specifies other ingredients if required. 


Cookie Ornaments
Ornamental cookies can be gifted as theme-based gifts for Christmas, New Year, etc.  These cookies can be made by rolling out the sugar cookie dough and making cut outs using cookie cutters. Once the cookies cool, you can decorate them with chocolate cookies, colorful candies or sprinkles. Attach a homemade tag before gifting the gift. 


Candy Jewelry

You may string hard candies with holes using dental floss to make necklaces and bracelets. You may also use a needle and a thread to make jewelry out of softer candies like gummy bears and jelly beans. 

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Foods For Kids To Make For Gifts