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How To Get Rid Of Burnt Food Odor

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Burnt food Odor is one of the most common problems a person faces at least once in his lifetime. Burnt food Odor can be so repulsive and distracting that people are usually willing to do anything to flush out the smoky air from their homes. 

Burnt food Odor is mostly caused when food items get burnt, either while cooking or while reheating. 

burnt food odor

Tips -

1) One of the best ways to get rid of burnt food Odor is to open every door and window in the house so that the polluted air from inside the house is allowed to escape. 

2) In case the smell still refuses to go, add two cups of white vinegar to water and allow it to boil. The vinegar-water mix is usually very effective in removing the burnt Food Odor from the house. 

3) Another popular way to get rid of burnt food Odor is by soaking bread pieces in vinegar and placing them in different parts of the house. The vinegar-soaked breads readily take in all bad odors unto themselves.

4) Keeping baking soda in open containers around the house also helps in getting rid of burnt food odor.

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How To Get Rid Of Burnt Food Odor