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Picky Eaters? They Get It From You

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Do wonder why your chidren are picky eaters, or why your kids love everything?  I have always felt that if parents don't expose kids to different foods the kids become picky eaters.  I reference how we always had our children when they were young try a bite and if they didn't like it fine they didn't have to eat it.  It seemed to work as they now eat almost everything and actually loved all veggies, fruits, etc. growing up.

 "A little girl named Grayson summer (2006). She had just been across the street and picked the peach at a neighbor's tree with permission, I might add. A fresh Georgia peach is what she's got."

This article in the New York Times really caught my eye:

Picky Eaters? They Get It From You

 I“I do the terrible mommy thing and make everyone separate dinners,” Jennifer Useloff said. All three families share a common problem. Their children are not only picky eaters, prone to reject foods they once seemed to love, but they are also neophobic, which means they fear new food. But for parents who worry that their children will never eat anything but chocolate milk, Gummi vitamins and the occasional grape, a new study offers some relief. Researchers examined the eating habits of 5,390 pairs of twins between 8 and 11 years old and found children’s aversions to trying new foods are mostly inherited. The message to parents: It’s not your cooking, it’s your genes.

 To read the entire facinating article

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Picky Eaters? They Get It From You