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Foods Craving – A Symptom of Depression

Foods craving is mostly passed off as that in-between-meals hunger that many of us experience. I’m sure you’ve heard that when you are happy your foods craving heightens and you want to devour more! True! After a happy event, such as, getting a promotion in office, the first thing that any one of us would do is go for a gala bash with our friends to a nearby restaurant and gorge on all the good food there .But accoridng to HomeTownAnnapolis study craving for food is not always healthy. You also keep pining for food when you are emotionally down.


If you have a nagging hunger within you and a specific longing for comfort foods, especially sweets, just check if you are depressed. When things appear to go wrong it’s natural human tendency to find solace in food.  Since time immemorial food has been the vital element for survival. Also it satiates your senses. When you are depressed your mind needs to reassure itself that things are not that bad and you can survive. That’s the mental boost up that eating gives a depressed person. Also a tasty food makes you feel good and think positive.  More surprising it is to know that cold weather and darkness increase your cravings for food if you are depressed.

So find out how you can treat your depression. Appeasing your foods cravings is something that should be thrown out of your to-do list because it’s just a worthless temporary remedy. Try to approach your causes of depression from a problem solving perspective and stop stuffing yourself with chocolate, pastries and candies every now and then.


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Foods Craving – A Symptom Of Depression