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You Are What You Eat!

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Portion control, healthy choices, and get exercise - just walking 15 minutes a day helps.

Frightening statistics about obesity tell of a growing health problem around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1 billion adults worldwide—in industrialized societies and developing countries—are overweight and at least 300 million qualify as obese. The number of obese children is staggering as well-you know fat parents have fat children.

Consequently, many government healthcare systems are struggling with the strain of caring for the rapidly growing number of obese patients and bearing the associated medical costs. In the next decade these numbers will escalate drastically! We eat too much and we don't exercise. In many countries people walk every where, but in the US we drive a couple of blocks rather than walking. We race to get the closest parking place when we get to our destinations. Why not start by walking! Park in the farthest away parking spot!

To help put these escalating health care costs into perspective, for the year 2001 alone, obesity cost the US an estimated $117 billion; this total breaks down as $61 billion in direct medical costs and $56 billion in indirect costs.

To combat this problem and reduce escalating costs, some governments are starting to subsidize or cover a component of weight-loss programs. While there is a growing emphasis on governments to look to outside providers to deliver weight management services, little research has been done to determine how cost effective these programs are.

I put on some weight after a back injury and was freaked by my reflection in store windows as I walked along. Having never been over weight in my life I freaked when someone thought I was pregnant. I quit kidding myself and started on a healthy choices program at Weight Watcher's. According to my doctor it is a healthy-well balanced way of life and works. It keeps it off!

In the last year I concentrated on cooking and eating healthy-now for a foodie that took some doing. I love Indian and Thai cuisines and have developed recipes of flavour using healthier ingredients. I concentrated on cutting out unhealthy fats and using far less oils/fats even olive oil. I switched to healthy grains, cut out white rice, white flour, and pasta, and the BIG change-portion control. I now eat ONLY until satisfied-that is the big key-don't stuff yourself until full-NEVER.

Now I walk alot instead of driving and exercise in the pool-the no stress on my back routine. It has worked and I lost the 35# I had gained! I have started a group here on iFood.TV to help everyone cook healthy choice meals in less than 30 minutes. Come join us to loose weight or just stay healthy!

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OMG >.< Becoming obese is like my worst fear in life.
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Despite our increasingly artificial surroundings we are inescapably natural beings. Our bodies are constantly replacing/repairing damaged tissues, food consumed is the source of nutrients to do this. There can be no better source of these nutrients than fruit, vegetable, and animal products processed as little as is feasible. Well that's our philosophy.... We await it's de-bunking eagerly!
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Obesity is dangerous So, BE CAREFUL:BE AWARE : BE SAFE !!!! AWARENESS is important....thanks shanti!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Ok Ok I am going back on the diet !! It was tough being in a couple food dream lands !! Key West and New Orleans !! Y'all be good The Tortilla Guy
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I totally agree with Shantihh...a good healthy diet and exercise will definitely do the trick !
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Good for you Steve. Don't think of it as a diet, but making Healthy Choices! Oh and taking smaller portions. It works! I lost 35# after a back injury and inactivity caused my weight to go up and up.
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Whole grains , no white breads, pasta's , only brown rice, white meats chicken, turkey, fish !! And no chocolate .................. : ( The Tortilla Guy
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Chocolate is OK especially if dark chocolate! Huge health benefits in eating chocolate! Any lean meats are OK, all seafood and fowl (skinless). Not just brown rice, red rice, black rice, wild rice!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Does that mean I can eaat chocolate ? I will doing a food show in Florida this weekend !!! The Tortilla Guy
shantihhh's picture
Dark Chocolate! Just don't eat pounds of it. LOL I did the SF International Food Show in Jan/Feb. and I didn't gain even a pound and oh did we eat, but I was good and stayed away from cheese which is LOADED with fats. I had wine and everything I wanted. I did eat a couple of chocolates. It's better to start a Healthy Choices program when you aren't attending such a show VBEG
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hi it was good to know that u lost35# actually i have also gained lots and lots of weight after deliverng a baby girl now she is 1yr old and its diff for me to do an exercise im in india could u plz suggest me some wways of loosing weight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You Are What You Eat!