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Benefits of Broccoli

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The benefits of broccoli include:


1. Strengthens bones

2. Saves eyesight

3. Combats cancer

4. Protects your heart

5. Controls blood pressure


Still not sure why kids hate it? Make them read this blog.


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I also did a blog recently about broccoli a great source of potassium and almost everyone loves it! Our kids all love it!
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Sure broccoli is one of the healthiest food in the world. Welcome to blogging world. I am not a great blog writer myself, but i have read 1000s of blogs so here is my 2c for making your blogs better. 1. Post pictures - they are worth a thousand words. 2. Use tables from rich text editor menu if you want to show things side by side. 3. Use wikipedia for pics or reference information 4. Use receipe, video pic embeds 5 Make it fun and entertaining - very few like to read scholarly book, but a large number of people read magazines. 6. Have fun doing all that
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Hell yeah! Broccoli is gangsta!
Benefits Of Broccoli