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The 10 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving

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We all love to munch on goodies while traveling. Though it is a good enough pastime for those who are passengers but for the drivers, eating while driving may be a bit risky affair. In fact here is a list of 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving, which you must make a note of, especially if you spend most of your time driving or are planning a road trip ahead.



1. Coffee - Almost everyone has, at one point or another in life, been guilty of drinking coffee while steering through traffic, right? Well, here is why you should avoid coffee while driving - Coffee is hot, it can spill out and burn you or mess up the interiors. Next time you want to enjoy a cup of hot coffee while driving, just park on the kerb.

2. Hot soup - Not much different from why you can't have coffee but certainly worse. That is because while coffee is lukewarm to some extent, hot soup is downright scalding and may injure you more than coffee.

3. Tacos - How can you enjoy tacos without single-minded attention. Tacos are tasty when enjoyed with a dip and you cannot do that without taking your eyes and, at least, one hand off the steering wheel, right? It all sounds very dangerous so, let us park the car and then enjoy our tacos.

4. Chili - Chili is best enjoyed sitting back with both hands employed gainfully, one hand holding the bowl and another dipping the spoon into the rich, spicy chili. Driving a car is no way to eat chili, seriously!

5. Hamburgers - Another food item, where both hands need to be free to hold the burger and eat it too. Moreover, with greasy hands, you probably should not be touching that steering wheel.

6. Barbecued food - Well, what can we say? Eating barbecued food while driving, really? How pathetic! You can only enjoy barbecued food while relaxing with a group of friends in the backyard of your house.

7. Fried chicken - Same as Barbecued food, not eating while driving.

8. Jelly or cream-filled donuts - What if you take a good bite into your cream-filled donut and end up squirting cream in all the wrong places? Really, your wife or girlfriend will surely not approve of it.

9. Soft drinks - Once a driver opened a can of soft drink and tried to gulp it down. Unfortunately, the soft drinks fizzed right into his nose and eyes and he met with a major accident as his car banged against another vehicle. We hope this is enough warning for you not to have any soft drinks while driving.

10. Chocolate - You must be thinking chocolate is such a sweet and safe thing to eat while driving. We suggest it is not, especially when it melts. The melted chocolate may spread over your fingers and mess up your clothes, interiors, and the steering wheel as well.

While we have given here a list of 10 Most Dangerous Food To Eat While Driving, but please understand, eating while driving itself is a dangerous proposition. Indulge in it at your own risk!


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The 10 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving