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How to Trick Children Into Eating Less Candy This Halloween

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Halloween Candies — CandiesHalloween...the holiday of excessive candy eating. Everyone knows that kids look forward to Halloween because they get to gather enough free candy to last them the entire year! But as parents, we also know that with this excessive candy intake comes the potential for cavities, stomach aches, and intense sugar highs! So what are you supposed to do? Children being children will never listen to your advice so we've come up with ways for you to "trick" your kids into eating less "treats".


Tips to "Trick" Your Children into Eating Less "Treats" on Halloween


  • Even before your little ghouls and ghosts go around trick-or-treating, stuff them with healthy snacks like peanut butter, fruit rolls, or any other nutritious treat. That will make him/her eat less of these candies while they are out and about. Remember, your kids are likely to gorge less on sweets if they are not hungry.
  • When it comes to candies and sweets, there is hardly any stopping your kids from indulging. So, create a schedule or incentive plan that allows them to be rewarded with their Halloween candy rather than just allowing them to stash it and eat it freely.
  • Buy small, snack-sized candies instead of big king-sized ones so that your child does not eat huge amounts of candy at one time. This will allow them to pace themselves with a few smaller, different pieces of candy, thus feeling like they are getting to eat more when in actuality, they are probably eating less.
  • Never store candies for later. Give it away! Or better yet, "buy" it from your kids. A lot of parents, and even dentist offices, pay children per pound of candy that they give them. Even if it's a dollar or two per pound (which still isn't much), your saving your children's teeth AND sparing yourself the headache of their sugar highs! Meanwhile, your children can't believe they just got paid for their free candy ;)


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How To Trick Children Into Eating Less Candy This Halloween