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Swimming In Summer Is Fun! Is It Really? Check!

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Whats Lurkingin The Pool

Your swimming pool may be the dirtiest place of your home. The public pools have been known to promote infections and you have stopped using them since you came to know the following:-

  1. 20% of your friends might have peed in the pool.
  2. You may have got that itchy skin due to a poorly maintained pool.
  3. All the bacteria may not have been cleaned by the chlorine. Yes, there are quite a few strains of chlorine-resistant microbes too.
  4. There may be poop in the pool too (yuck!).
  5. The smell emanating from the pool meant it was a cesspool in reality.
  6. You still remember the agony of a Swimmer’s ear caused by water + bacteria in your ear.
  7. You cannot bear to think of the reddened itchy eyes caused by ammonia from the pee.
  8. There were unwashed bodies using the pool before you.

‘Center for Disease Control ‘corroborates them as facts.

It is not enough to invest money in your pool either. You have to sanitize and maintain it properly unless you want it to be a place ripe with germs. You need to have crystal clear water in your pool too. Ensure the visual clarity by removing all the pollutants before you use it. You are welcome to go through the infographic below in order to learn the facts of maintenance.

Proper Pool Maintenance Info

Image Credit: holykaw

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Swimming In Summer Is Fun! Is It Really? Check!