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Eat Your Way To Your 100th Birthday

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Food For Long Life

A traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs or hash brown washed down with a big glass of orange juice sounds delicious but it will certainly not allow you to live longer. You need to follow the Japanese way of eating in order to age gracefully without overburdening your heart or flooding your body with harmful free radicals. Sure, it an antioxidant overdose that works here! Scientists agree that you can avoid cancer and keep your heart ticking properly once you opt for the nutritious nature’s bounty known as superfoods in short.

Check out a few of them below and live to be a 100. All the Best!

Dark Chocolate

You can definitely try it without any frills. Its anti-inflammatory properties can keep age related conditions at bay. You can also try these chocolate chip cookies, if you do not like the bitter taste.

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies


Betaine, the principal compound in beets is the key to long life. You are welcome to add it to your salad or make a delicious dip out of it.

83103 Beetroot And Yogurt Dip


Well, you are not a cat to wolf this ome-3 fatty acid rich fish down in one gulp. However, you can certainly eat it in the form of sushi or have it grilled to protect yourself from cognitive decline.

15068 Grilled Salmon

Chili Peppers

Well, you have to like it hot, if you want to be around for a long, long time. Do have a generous helping of this yummy hot curry for lunch once in a while.

Hot Curry

Green Tea

Round up your meal with a refreshing cup of green tea to keep out the risk of heart attack and stroke. You can try it in the frozen form, if you do not like the hot drink.

46890 Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream Nogca Aiseukeurim

Feel free to go through the infographic below in order to learn about the super 7 foods that will prolong your life.

7 Superfoods Live Longer Info

Image Credit: thesweetgourmand , juddscatering , google

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Eat Your Way To Your 100th Birthday