Gain Muscle Mass VLOG From Heavy Duty™ Workout 4

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The workout was AWESOME! and brutal all at the same time. This was our second leg workout since starting the HEAVY DUTY™ program and it felt different from the first leg workout.

Initially I noticed just from doing my warm-up sets a huge pump in my quads. I only did about 3 total warm-sets on the leg press (mainly because I was trying multiple leg press machines to determine which was going to be most comfortable) but after my warm-ups my legs were so pumped that walking walking around was becoming awkward. I even started to think they were cramping a little.

This workout includes the heavy duty leg workouts with 3 warm up sets. It also features leg extension, leg sled/ leg press, calf raises and sit ups, all this with high resistance and lowered cadence. Watch the video for complete details of this workout.

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